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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.18 I'll Find My Way Home 1:49 Synthesizer Spectacular Star Inc. Star Inc. Music CD 86014
1.15 I'll Find My Way Home 1:50 20 Magic Synthesizer Themes, Volume 1 The London Studio Orchestra Point Productions 2641292
1.15 I'll Find My Way Home 1:50 Space Themes and Synthesizer Greats Various Artists Laser (MCR sublabel) 2699712


recording of: I’ll Find My Way Home (cover, instrumental)

I’ll Find My Way Home

composer: Vangelis (Greek composer of electronic, new age and classical)
lyricist: Jon Anderson (Yes/Jon & Vangelis)
publisher: Spheric B.V.
Toughknot Ltd.
Warner Bros. Music Co., Ltd.
Warner Bros. Music Ltd. (UK subsidiary, so named between 1970/01/23–1971/04/26 and 1972/04/25–1988/08/23)
later translated versions: Im Land, das Ewigkeit heißt
later versions: Cada mañana a las seis