May Dance

~ Recording by Arild Andersen

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.1 May Dance 6:27 Celebration Arild Andersen, Scottish National Jazz Orchestra & Tommy Smith ECM Records (Edition of Contemporary Music) 2259


reeds: Bill Fleming (reeds) (2010-10)
Martin Kershaw (reeds) (2010-10)
woodwind: Tommy Smith (Scottish jazz saxophonist) (2010-10)
drums: Alyn Cosker (2010-10)
brass: Richard Iles (2010-10)
Cameron Jay (brass) (2010-10)
Lorna MacDonald (2010-10)
Tom MacNiven (2010-10)
Ryan Quigley (2010-10)
alto saxophone: Paul Towndrow (2010-10)
piano: Steve Hamilton (keyboard) (2010-10)
tenor saxophone: Konrad Wiszniewski (2010-10)
trombone: Chris Greive (2010-10)
Phil O'Malley (2010-10)
Michael Owers (2010-10)
arranger: Christian Jacob
editor: Jan Erik Kongshaug (2011-09)
mixer: Jan Erik Kongshaug (2011-09)
orchestra: Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (2010-10)
producer: Manfred Eicher
recording engineer: Mark McKellen (2010-10)
phonographic copyright by: ECM Records GmbH (owner of label and publisher)
edited at: RainbowStudio in Oslo, Norway (2011-09)
mixed at: RainbowStudio in Oslo, Norway (2011-09)
recorded at: Stevenson Hall, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (2010-10)
recording of: May Dance (cover, live) (2010-10)

May Dance

writer: Dave Holland (British jazz bassist and composer)