Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.1 I Feel a Song Coming On 2:06 Two's Company Chris Connor & Maynard Ferguson Fresh Sound Records


clarinet and tenor saxophone: Willie Maiden
trumpet: Bill Berry (Jazz trumpeter, cornetist and big band leader)
Rolf Ericson
Chet Ferretti
Rick Keifer
drums: Rufus Jones
flute and saxophone: Joe Farrell
bass: John Neves
Charlie Saunders
alto saxophone and flute: Lanny Morgan
piano: Jaki Byard
baritone saxophone and bass clarinet: Frank Hittner
trombone: Kenny Rupp
Ray Winslow
trombone and trumpet: Maynard Ferguson
vocals: Chris Connor
recording of: I Feel a Song Comin’ On

I Feel a Song Comin’ On

composer: Jimmy McHugh (songwriter)
George Oppenheimer
lyricist: Dorothy Fields (US Tin Pan Alley librettist and lyricist)