Equatorial Forest

~ Recording by Cymande

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.2 Equatorial Forest 3:37 Promised Heights Cymande Janus Records JXS 7004
1.8 Equatorial Forest 3:39 The Best of Cymande Cymande Sequel Records NEX CD 202
1.8 Equatorial Forest 3:39 Cymande Cymande Collectables (US reissue label) COL-CD-5202
2.4 Equatorial Forest 3:38 The Message Cymande Sequel Records NEECD 304
1.12 Equatorial Forest 3:37 The Soul of Rasta Cymande Newhouse Records NHR-010
1.12 Equatorial Forest 3:38 Renegades of Funk Cymande Newhouse Records NHR-015
1.2 Equatorial Forest 3:38 Promised Heights Cymande
1.2 Equatonial Forest 3:38 Promised Heights Cymande Cherry Red Records CDMRED631


producer: John Schroeder