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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.27 Lambeth Walk 2:57 Svensk jazzhistoria, volym 3: Swedish Jazz 1937–39 Rytm och swing Various Artists Caprice Records CAP 22039


clarinet and tenor saxophone: Olle Blomquist
Ove Rönn
trumpet: Thore Ehrling
Åke Johansson-Jangell
drums: Anders Soldén
guitar: Eric Ekholm (guitar player)
double bass: Henry Lundin
alto saxophone and clarinet: Willy Forsell
Tore Westlund
piano: Stig Holm
accordion and trumpet: Rune Ander
trombone: Karl-Erik Lennholm
Sverre Oredson
conductor: Håkan von Eichwald