Tik Tok / Push It (medley) (live, X Factor perfomance)

~ Recording by Little Mix

Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.9 Tik Tok / Push It (medley) (X Factor performance) 2:06 Saturday 22nd October The X Factor Finalists 2011 Syco Music
1.1 Tik Tok / Push It (medley) 2:06 Tik Tok / Push It (medley) Rhythmix Syco Music
1.3 Tik Tok / Push It (medley) 2:06 The Little Mix Collection Little Mix Syco Music


recording of: Push It (medley, partial, live, cover)
TiK ToK (medley, live, partial, cover)

Push It

composer: Hurby Azor
writer: Ray Davies (UK singer/songwriter, member of The Kinks)


writer: Benjamin Levin (aka Benjamin Levin)
Lukasz Gottwald
Kesha Sebert
publisher: Dynamite Cop Music
Matza Ball Music
referred to in medleys: Polka Face