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# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.8 Lascia Ch'io Pianga (Rinaldo) 4:04 Prima Donna Lesley Garrett Silva Screen Records (main imprint of Silva Screen Records Ltd.) SONGCD 907
1.2 Lascia ch'io pianga 4:05 The Soprano's Greatest Hits Lesley Garrett Silva Classics
1.3 Lascia Ch'io Pianga 4:05 Pure Moods 3 Various Artists Virgin Records Sweden (Swedish subsidiary of Virgin Records Ltd.) PMCD 3
2.6 Lascia ch'io pianga 4:03 Voices Various Artists Decca Classics ("DECCA" in white uppercase on a blue-over-red rectangular block; until 1999, for use outside of North America only) 472 256-2
1.8 Lascia Ch'Io Pianga (Harrods) 4:05 Classic Ads Various Artists Decca Records, Universal Classics 472 416-2
2.12 L'Ascia Chl'O Pianga 4:00 The Very Best of Classical Chillout Gold Various Artists Decadance (UK label) DECTV013
1.5 Lascia Ch'io Pianga 4:04 The Number One Opera Album 2007 Various Artists UCJ (UK label held by "Universal Classics & Jazz, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd")


conductor: Ivor Bolton
orchestra: The Philharmonia Orchestra (London orchestra, known as New Philharmonia Orchestra from 1964-1976)
soprano vocals: Lesley Garret
recording of: Rinaldo, HWV 7: Atto II. "Lascia ch'io pianga mia cruda sorte" (Almirena)

Rinaldo, HWV 7: Atto II. "Lascia ch'io pianga mia cruda sorte" (Almirena)

composer: George Frideric Handel (German‐British baroque composer) (1711)
librettist: Giacomo Rossi
later translated versions: 私を泣かせて下さい
part of: Rinaldo, HWV 7a: Atto II