Appears on releases

# Title Length Release Title Release Artist Date Country Label Catalog#
1.14 Slipping Around 2:14 Your Hit Parade: 1949 Various Artists Time-Life Music HPD-06
1.1 Slippin’ Around 2:11 Country Hits of the '40s Various Artists CEMA Special Markets (a division of Capitol‐EMI Music, Inc.) CDL-57363
1.4 Slippin' Around 2:12 Sioux City Sue Various Artists The Good Music Record Company SUK/A 22249, SUK/DMC1 0969
1.1 Slipping Around 2:14 Country Shots: Two-Timing Tunes Various Artists Rhino (reissue label)
3.7 Slippin' Around 2:13 The Top Ten Collection: The Late '40s Various Artists Reader’s Digest
4.6 Slippin' Around 2:13 Your Easy-Listening Hit Parade of the '40s and '50s Various Artists Reader’s Digest Music 0618
1.14 Slippin' Around 2:12 A Time to Remember: 1949 Various Artists EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)
1.3 Slipping Around 2:14 Classic Country: Golden '40s Various Artists Sony Music Special Products, Time-Life Music A 30534, A 30535, R808-09
2.7 Slippin' Around 2:12 The Complete Capitol Hits Margaret Whiting Collectors’ Choice Music
1.9 Slipping Around ?:?? All Time Top 100 #1 Country Classics Various Artists
1.14 Slipping around 2:15 Classic Country: 1944-1949 Various Artists Time-Life Music TL 626/20
2.7 Slipping Around 2:13 Country Greats Various Artists Rajon Music Group R0110B
3.18 Slipping Around 2:11 Your Cheatin' Heart: Classic Country Hits Various Artists Dynamic Entertainment Ltd DYN 3521
1.18 Slipping Around 2:11 Mule Train Various Artists Dynamic (unknown label, please help identify) DYN 5238-8
9.15 Slipping Around 2:14 The Golden Age of Country Various Artists Time-Life Music
9.15 Slipping Around 2:14 The Golden Age of Country Various Artists Time-Life Music
3.22 Slipping Around 2:11 Decade of Hits: The 40's Various Artists Dynamic Nostalgia DYN 3803
2.27 Slippin’ Around ?:?? 55 Original Country Classics Various Artists Sessions OPCD-4516
1.10 Slipping Around 2:14 Back to the Fifties: The Golden Hits (disc 1) Various Artists
1.24 Slippin' Around 2:13 Capitol Records 50th Anniversary 1942-1992 Various Artists Capitol Records (imprint of Capitol Records, Inc.) DPRO-79242, DPRO-79243, DPRO-79244, DPRO-79245, DPRO-79246, DPRO-79247, DPRO-79248, DPRO-79249
1.6 Slipping Around 2:16 Country Gold, Volume 2 Various Artists