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Date Title Artist Length
mastered at
Brotherly Love “Brother” Jack McDuff
mixed at
A Time for Love Arturo Sandoval 5:06
All the Way Arturo Sandoval 4:06
Après Un Rêve (After the Dream) Arturo Sandoval 5:10
April in Paris “Brother” Jack McDuff 4:40
Benny's Tune Terence Blanchard 7:43
Child's Play Terence Blanchard 6:12
Emily Arturo Sandoval 4:26
Estate Arturo Sandoval 4:01
Every Time We Say Goodbye Arturo Sandoval 5:54
Flow, Part 1 Terence Blanchard 5:29
Flow, Part II Terence Blanchard 3:38
Flow, Part III Terence Blanchard 2:45
Georgia “Brother” Jack McDuff 7:57
Harvesting Dance Terence Blanchard 11:43
Hot Barbecue “Brother” Jack McDuff 5:36
I Loves You Porgy Arturo Sandoval 5:15
Kettle of Fish “Brother” Jack McDuff 5:19
Oblivion (How to Say Goodbye) Arturo Sandoval 5:27
Over There Terence Blanchard 7:32
Pavane Arturo Sandoval 4:53
Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess) Arturo Sandoval 5:15
Pork Chops G Pasta “Brother” Jack McDuff 8:08
Rock Candy “Brother” Jack McDuff 11:51
Santa Amalia “Brother” Jack McDuff 5:39
Smile Arturo Sandoval 4:03
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Arturo Sandoval 4:25
Speak Low Arturo Sandoval 4:38
The Source Terence Blanchard 8:02
Time's marchin' on “Brother” Jack McDuff 9:34
Vas Dis “Brother” Jack McDuff 7:27
Wadagbe Terence Blanchard 10:27
Wadagbe (Intro) Terence Blanchard 4:14
Wandering Wonder Terence Blanchard 5:46
Windmills of Your Mind Arturo Sandoval 5:35
recorded at
A Time for Love Arturo Sandoval