Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
My Sweet Fiend Snovonne Digital Media 2
Crashing Gates Kevin Max CD 7
Raven Songs 101 Kevin Max Digital Media 11
Alienated Renegade Alien Digital Media 12 DPR187
Demon / Axe of Men 2010 Vile Evils feat. Clint Mansell CD 6 DPR-205
Chicanery Chicanery CD 13 DPR204
Really Good With Cages Sona Digital Media 11 DPRE004 3661585520603
Cotes d'Armor Kevin Max CD 16 DPR252 881034543936
Axe of Men 2010 Pop Will Eat Itself CD 6 DPR240 881034498564
Unholy Triad Kevin Max CD 3
Omnibus Contagion CD 17 DPR371 628586806689
Creach (2011 Remastered and Expanded Edition) Ku-Ling Bros. Digital Media 17 DPR-367