Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Far Away, My Happy Wither CD-R 2
Threat of Dawn Shardborn CD-R 4
... Твої стомлені очi... Winter Depression Cassette 10 cut 001
Мізантропія Winter Depression Cassette 8
Autumnal Melancholie Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh / Winter Depression Cassette 6
... Against Your Modern Life Saturn Form Essence / Deviator / Winter Depression CD-R 11
Ode to Sorrow Winter Depression Cassette 9
Constantly Creating Myself in the Space of Life Cold Empty Universe Cassette 5 cut 173 [none]
Walk in the Perdition of a Lost World Anima Infernalis Cassette 12 [none]
Roses for the Dead, Roses for Us Grieved Sometime Valley Cassette 2
En studie i ensamhet Svartnad Cassette 4 CUT 121
Space Have a Time, We Have a Death Saturn Form Essence / Winter Depression Cassette 6 cut 'Ω64
We Are All Nothing Algorithm ov Void Cassette 2
Blade of Death Blade of Death Cassette 5 cut 171
In sideris penumbra Nox Illunis Cassette 7
Emasculated by Endless Unhappiness Howling in the Fog Cassette 9
Тінь життя Winter Depression CD-R 7
Please, Help (Kill) Me... Waste of Life Cassette 10 [none]
I Fade in Oblivion Tears of a Forgotten Life Cassette 1
Life of Spectrum Silent Soul Cassette 5 CUT 167 [none]
Empty Cold Winter Depression Cassette 4
Within the Insane Asylum Suicidal Nihilism (unknown) 4
Cold Winter Depression Cassette 1
40% Psychonaut 4 Cassette 3
Nihilistic Misanthropy / Force Fed Life Nihilistic Misanthropy / Force Fed Life Cassette 7 [none]
Nihil Tiil Sum Cassette 5 cut 292
Ghosts at Our Windows Black Autumn Cassette 5
Bonjour Tristesse (Extended play by Soufferance) Soufferance Cassette 1 CUT 344 5057728975009
Comming Home Chernolesie Cassette 7
Вечная Мелодия Осенней Скорби Winter Depression Cassette 3
Сиві думки Winter Depression 2×Cassette 9 + 12
Тінь життя Winter Depression Cassette 7
Lycantropic Fury (Homage to the Sovereign) Wolfman DVD 4
Demo Rancid Entity (unknown) 5
Deep in Space SiJ Cassette 9 cut 442 [none]
Low Mytrip Cassette 2 cut 233
Submersed in Past Sorrows Waste of Life CD-R 6 cut 655 [none]
And the Leaf Falls Armaghumil CD 5
Demo ll Rancid Entity (unknown) 6
Everything Dies Beyond Life (unknown) 3
The Liberation of the Soul Meaning of Life CD-R 8
Rehearsal Tape Rancid Entity (unknown) 6
Erih Erih CD-R 8 [none]
Satanic Oath: The Best of Rancid Entity Rancid Entity CD-R 10 cut 605
Formatting People Are Mechanisms Cassette 7 cut 651
Formatting People Are Mechanisms CD-R 7
Candlesmoke Grey Aura CD-R 4 cut 815
Have a Nice Trip Psychonaut 4 Cassette 11
Висельник Висельник (unknown) 7
Winter Depression / Lunar Portals of the Astral Mirror Winter Depression / Lunar Portals of the Astral Mirror CD-R 2
In the Darkest Corners of Human Nature ColdFells / Winter Depression CD-R 8
Anything Else Cold Empty Universe (unknown) 7
... Твої стомлені очi... Winter Depression CD-R 10
(1) Дрем Cassette 3 cut 877
The Atmosphere Vixerunt CD-R 8 Cold Empty Universe (unknown) 2
Cold Winter Depression CD-R 2
Empty Cold Winter Depression CD-R 4
Three Days Emptiness Soul Cassette 5
The Last Days Annorkoth CD-R 7 cut 880
Lifeless Dreams... Pale Illusions Lifeless Dreams... Pale Illusions CD 4
The Beginning of the End Eternal Misery CD 5
Hopeless Bitter Reflections CD-R 3 cut 970
Печаль Иггдрасиль Тиаматдепрессия CD-R 6 cut 963 [none]
Silence Echo of Emptiness CD 8
Mülldeponie, or the Other Side Of Darkness II Müldeponie CD 5
Escort by Nights The Misanthropic Apathy CD-R 8 cut 1011
Dot Dot Dead Cold CD 2
Requiem Spell Funereal CD 4
Quantum Bang Xerxes The Dark CD 5 cut 1563
Sang Ghaib Wisik CD 4
The Arrival of the Fallen God Celestial Oblivion CD 10
The Wired Elsewhere Shine CD 3
Xoresth Xoresth CD 1
Zero Hour Висельник (unknown) 4
Immortal Creatures Hellsing CD-R 1 cut 1162
Mémoires Life's Illusion Cassette 2 cut 1235
More Morphine EP Goebbels and the Plasmamammoths Cassette 5 cut 1432 [none]
Mutilated Purity Erkhrankung CD 4
Psychotic Suicidal Emotions Suicidal Psychosis CD-R 7 cut 1408 [none]
Even If We Never Existed Cold Empty Universe (unknown) 2
Demo 2014 Suicide Theory CD-R 2
II (I døden finnes all makt) Coldbound CD-R 6 cut 1423 [none]
Nama Kekasihku Black Metal (limited edition) Roh Sesat Cassette 6 cut 1512
In Endless Cycle of Pain and Insanity Suicidal Psychosis CD-R 3 cut 1533 [none]
A Sinister Declaration of Fire Hellsing CD-R 2 Cut 1615
Chaos Nebula Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 5
Deep Space Journey Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 5
Emptiness Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 6
Fall Into Void Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 6
Infra-Red Space Meditations Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 6
Orbital Structure of Venus Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 3
Remembrances of Space Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 11
Sadness of Mars Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 1
split tape Saturn Form Essence / Winterfiend Digital Media 10
STTI - 300 - 028 Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 3
Skogstronen Hovf (unknown) 9
Close Sadness CD-R 5 cut 1670 [none]
Path of the Veil Nebula Saturn Form Essence Digital Media 8
Existential Death Висельник (unknown) 6