VHF Records

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Flying Saucer Attack Flying Saucer Attack CD 10 VHF#11 783881001129
Distance Flying Saucer Attack CD 8 vhf#14 783881001426
Carved Into Roses Skullflower CD 6 VHF#15 783881001525
The Art Ensemble of Rake / The Tell-Tale Moog Rake 2×CD 6 + 75 VHF#18
Secret Life of Machines Doldrums CD 5 VHF#21
This Is Skullflower Skullflower CD 4 VHF#23
Técheöd Pelt CD-R 3 vhf#36
Goodbye Flying Saucer Attack / Roy Montgomery CD 3 VHF#26 783881002621
Stand Up for Art Rock (Because Space Rock Is Over) Various Artists CD 24 VHF #29 [none]
The Double U & Glands of External Secretion The Double U & Glands of External Secretion 2×CD 11 + 11 VHF 31 [none]
Pulse of the Rooster Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs CD 6 VHF#35
For Michael Hannahs Pelt CD-R 10 vhf#38
Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky Pelt CD 4 vhf#43
Butterfly Dust Simon Wickham-Smith CD 3
Delicate Autobahn Under Construction Sunroof! 2×CD 6 + 8
Found Star Sound Sunroof! CD 12
Feng Shui Doldrums CD 8 VHF#32
Versatile Arab Chord Chart Vibracathedral Orchestra CD 9 VHF#48
Inui.2 Kawabata Makoto CD 4 VHF#51
Rob's Choice Pelt CD 3 vhf#54
Hot Booty!: Live 1999 Vibracathedral Orchestra CD 5 VHF#56
Silver Wheel of Prayer Roy Montgomery CD 7 vhf#49
Ayahuasca Pelt 2×CD 5 + 5 VHF#62
Makoto Kawabata & Richard Youngs Makoto Kawabata & Richard Youngs CD 5 VHF#64
Bliss Sunroof! 2×CD 10 + 5 vhf#60
Dabbling With Gravity and Who You Are Vibracathedral Orchestra CD 11 VHF#66
Cloudz Sunroof! CD 9 vhf#75
P.A. Blues Flying Saucer Attack CD 4 VHF#74
Wings Over America Various Artists CD 14 VHF#78
Two Originals of... Jack Rose CD 9 VHF#81 783881008128
Love Time Kang Tae Hwan Trio CD 1 79
Raag Manifestos Jack Rose CD 7 vhf#85 783881008524
Silver Bear Mist Sunroof! 2×CD 7 + 6
Holy Letters L CD 14 VHF#84 783881008425
The Queen of Guess Vibracathedral Orchestra CD 9 VHF#77
USSA Sunroof! CD 9 VHF#80
Ourselves Richard Youngs & Alexander Neilson CD 3 VHF#82
Pontiac Lady Vibracathedral Orchestra 3×CD 2 + 3 + 1 VHF#83
Kensington Blues Jack Rose CD 8 VHF#92
Lullabies for Jeff Dean Spiral Joy Band CD 3 vhf#94
Canticle ILK CD 7 VHF#87
Inui 3 Kawabata Makoto CD 3 VHF#89
[untitled] Pelt CD 4 VHF#90
Inui Kawabata Makoto CD 3 VHF#95 783881009521
Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light Æthenor CD 4 VHF#97 [none]
Wake of the Dying Sun King Spiral Joy Band CD 4 104
Astral Social Club Astral Social Club CD 11 vhf#100 783881010022
Wisdom Thunderbolt Vibracathedral Orchestra CD 7 VHF#102
Electric Lotus Alex Neilson & Richard Youngs Vinyl + CD 4 + 5 VHF#103
Inui 4 Kawabata Makoto CD 1 VHF#106
Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky Pelt CD 4 vhf#43
Dauphin Elegies Pelt CD 4 VHF#112 783881011227
Betimes Black Cloudmasses Æthenor CD 3 vhf#111 783881011128
Octuplex Astral Social Club CD 8 vhf#114
Faking Gold and Murder Æthenor CD 4 VHF#113 [none]
Four Aims Flower-Corsano Duo CD 5 VHF#115
Little Sparrow Spiral Joy Band CD 4 vhf#117
As the Twilight Crane Dreams in Color Alexander Turnquist CD 3 vhf#118 783881011821
En Form for Blå Æthenor CD 7 vhf#124
Doubles Cian Nugent CD 2 vhf#125 783881012514
Hallway of Mirrors Alexander Turnquist 12" Vinyl 5 vhf#126 783881012613
Feral Black Sun Roof 12" Vinyl 7 vhf#131
Rec Blast Motorbike Vibracathedral Orchestra 12" Vinyl 10 vhf#139
Midnight Has Come and Gone The Black Twig Pickers CD 15 VHF#86
Hazel Æthenor CD 5 vhf#140 783881014020
Raag Manifestos Jack Rose 12" Vinyl 7 VHF#85
Silver Bear Mist Sunroof! Digital Media 13 [none] [none]
Astro Love & Infinite Kisses Kawabata Makoto Digital Media 3 vhf#133
A Shimmering Replica Ashtray Navigations Digital Media 10
The Slowest Lift The Slowest Lift Digital Media 9
Delicate Autobahn Under Construction Sunroof! Digital Media 14 [none] [none]
Midnight Has Come and Gone The Black Twig Pickers Digital Media 15
En Form for Blå Æthenor 2×Vinyl 2 + 5 vhf#124
Add This to Rhetoric Wingtip Sloat CD 30 VHF#57 783881005721