Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
In Search of a Meaningful Moment Shulman CD 8 AlephZ01
Elementary Particles + Prima Materia Bluetech 2×CD 7 + 11 AlephZ02 4571158660287
Natural Born Chillers Various Artists CD 10 AlephZ03 [none]
Sines and Singularities Bluetech CD 11 AlephZ04 634479174841
Random Thoughts Shulman CD 9 AlephZ05 634479226632
Dream Wide Awake Omnimotion CD 13 AlephZ06
Midnight Soul Dive Various Artists CD 12 AlephZ07 634479491603
Midnight Soul Dive Various Artists Digital Media 12 AlephZ07
Digital Singles, Vol.1 Various Artists Digital Media 9 AlephZD01 5028557108623
Oleander (Phutureprimitive's Symbiotic mix) Phutureprimitive & Bluetech Digital Media 1 [none]
Endless Rhythms of the Beatless Heart Shulman CD 8 AlephZ08 634479599538
Kalitz Vataff Project CD 9 AlephZ09
Some Things Never Change Hibernation CD 14 AlephZ10 634479836299
Everyday Life Unoccupied (unknown) 11
Natural Born Chillers 2 Various Artists CD 11 AlephZ12 [none]
The Divine Invasion Bluetech CD 11 AlephZ13
Honey in the Heart EP Bluetech Digital Media 5 AlephZD02
Falling Through The Earth Fredrik Ohr CD 14 AlephZ14 884502141078
Dark Room Beats Various Artists CD 13 AlephZ16 884502531688
Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To Eitan Reiter CD 12 AlephZ15 884502409451
From Soil to Space Krusseldorf CD 13 AlephZ18 013964532616
From Soil to Space Krusseldorf Digital Media 13 [none]
ALive Shulman CD 7 AlephZ19 013964532623
Where The Fields Never End : Revisited Ooze 2×CD 8 + 12 AlephZ20 013964532661
Conversations with Bees Invisible Allies CD 9 AlephZ21 013964532692
Conversations with Bees Invisible Allies Digital Media 9 AlephZ21 [none]