Deseret Book

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
House of God: The Promised Blessings of the Temple Truman G. Madsen CD 8 51395 9781590387320
The Forgotten Carols Michael McLean CD 10 2142430 783027505429
Scripture Scouts: Musical Adventures in the New Testament Janice Kapp Perry, Steven Kapp Perry & Steven Kapp Perry and Marvin Payne 3×CD 9 + 9 + 12 9781590381496
Children's Songbook: Words & Music The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 5×CD 50 + 44 + 51 + 52 + 71 402504280009
First Solo: Learning to Recognize the Spirit John Bytheway CD 11
Whose Values Do You Value? John Bytheway CD 12
The Best of Wanda Lindstrom Wanda Lindstrom CD 15 DB52092 783027520927
Deseret Music Sampler 2 Various Artists (unknown) 12 [none]
Sound Tracks Michael McLean CD 12 783027519525
Get an Attitude!: Heroic Examples from the Book of Mormon John Bytheway CD 14
Shout With Glory Brigham Young University Men's Chorus (unknown) 21
The Best of Bryce Neubert Bryce Neubert CD 17 783027520729
The Garden Michael McLean & Bryce Neubert (unknown) 19
My Soul Delighteth: The Best of the Gibbons Family The Gibbons Family CD 21 DB52832 783027528220
He Hears Me Hilary Weeks CD 11 783027523324
The Tour De Family John Bytheway 2×CD 6 + 7
You're Gonna Make It John Bytheway 2×CD 9 + 9
Let Us Adore Him The Gibbons Family CD 11 DB53102 783027531022
Dating 911 John Bytheway, Mark Callister & David Hyde 2×CD 34 + 17
What I Wish I'd Known When I Was Single John Bytheway CD 10
We'll Sing and We'll Shout (Utah Chamber Artists feat. conductor: Barlow Bradford) Various Artists CD 12 3907300 783027545524
Beautiful Savior David Barrus CD 16 783027540925
Bytheway, It's John: The Second Verse John Bytheway CD 10
The Voice Octappella CD 14
Peace: Music of Reflection Various Artists CD 14 DB55232 783027552324
Celebrating the Music: The Best of Deseret Book and Shadow Mountain Artists Various Artists CD 11 DB55862 783027558623
Favorite Performance Tracks, Volume 1 Various Artists CD 10 SM55912 783027559125
How to Be An Extraordinary Teenager John Bytheway CD 18
How To Be Totally Miserable A Self-Hinder Book John Bytheway CD 37
SOS: A Teenage Guide to Getting Home in Safety John Bytheway CD 33
What Are You Carrying in Your Backpack? John Bytheway CD 12
Five Scriptures That Will Help You Get Through Almost Anything John Bytheway CD 14
We'll Sing and We'll Shout, Volume 2 (Utah Chamber Artists feat. conductor: Barlow Bradford) Various Artists CD 10 783027559422
Scripture Scouts: Musical Adventures with the Articles of Faith Janice Kapp Perry, Steven Kapp Perry, Melanie Hoffman & Steven Kapp Perry and Marvin Payne 2×CD 14 + 12 9781590381519
By the Hand of Mormon: Selections From the Original Musical Presentation Sam Cardon CD 11 4633489
Turn Off the TV and Get A Life! John Bytheway CD 14
EFY 2004: Stand in the Light Various Artists CD 12
Deseret Book's the Best of EFY Various Artists CD 16 783027566321
Best of Jenny Oaks Baker Jenny Oaks Baker CD 16 4920329
No-Brainers: Five Hard Decisions that the Gospel Makes Easy John Bytheway CD 10
Righteous Warriors: Lessons from the War Chapters in the Book of Mormon John Bytheway CD 18
EFY 2006: The Greatest Gift Various Artists CD 12
To Draw Closer to God: A Collection of Discourses Henry B. Eyring 3×CD 10 + 10 + 6 4973705 9781590387368
Rough Start, Great Finish John Bytheway CD 6 4988820
Rejoice: Music Celebrating Christ Various Artists CD 17 3098913
Weed Your Brain, Grow Your Testimony John Bytheway CD 11
Be Thou An Example of the Believers John Bytheway CD 7
New Testament Music Collection (anniversary edition) Various Artists (unknown) 13 725518210702
The Parable of the Marinade A Recipe for a Delicious Life John Bytheway CD 6 51599 9781609073701