NEUTRAL (doujin group)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
桜華幻奏 =NeutraL= CD 15 NLCD-0001
紅魔館音楽祭 =NeutraL= CD 14 NLCD-0002
永夜の奏宴 =NeutraL= CD 14 NLCD-0003
蒼天月華 =NeutraL= CD 16 NLCD-0004
Against The Wind =NeutraL= CD 18 NLCD-0005
天に堕ちし黒翼の少女 =NeutraL= CD 7 NLCD-0005spe
GRAVITY =NeutraL= CD 16 NLCD-0006
Acoustic Shooter =NeutraL= CD 10 NLCD-0007
DARKNESS =NeutraL= CD 10 NLCD-0008
BRIGHTNESS =NeutraL= CD 12 NLCD-0009 [none]
紅魔館音楽祭 ~新装版~ =NeutraL= CD 22 NLCD-0010
桜華結界 -Parfect Cherry Blossom- =NeutraL= CD 10 NLCD-0011
Heart To Heart =NeutraL= CD 16 NLCD-0012
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 =NeutraL= CD 15 NLCD-0013
REMINISCENCE 2008 =NeutraL= CD 20 NLCD-0014
RED×BLACK =NeutraL= CD 10 NLCD-0015
夢千夜 =NeutraL= CD 10 NLCD-0016
Affect a mind =NeutraL= CD 17 NLCD-0017
夢見桜 =NeutraL= 2×CD 15 + 15 NLCD-0019, NLCD-0020
月明かりに照らされて =NeutraL= CD 8 NLCD-0021
蒼天月華 -Resurrection- =NeutraL= CD 16 NLCD-0022
SOLARIS =NeutraL= CD 12 NLCD-0023
Cranberry Sweets =NeutraL= CD 18 NLCD-0024
Another World =NeutraL= CD 10 NLCD-0025
Toho Trance Mix 1 Various Artists CD 9 NLCD-0029