DIW Records

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Founded in the 80s.
May now be under the umbrella of a parent company, DIW Products, with a host of other "labels".
Has reissued some material from (somewhat) obscure catalogs.

Lack a date:

12" LP (picture disc)
Albert Ayler
The First Recordings (reissue)

12" LP
Albert Ayler
The First Recordings (reissue)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Live in Stockholm 1961 Thelonious Monk Quartet 2×CD 7 + 6 440a7106, 580a0907
What Are You Talking About? Tristan Honsinger, Toshinori Kondo, Peter Kowald, Sabu Toyozumi 12" Vinyl 10 DIW-1119
Last Flight Jaco Pastorius CD 3 DIW-831
Natural Fransisco Mondragon Rio feat. Jaco Pastorius CD 4 DIW-321
Sketches of Tokyo John Hicks with David Murray 12" Vinyl 6 DIW-8006
Four Play Clifford Jordan, Richard Davis, James Williams & Ronnie Burrage CD 6 DIW-8037
Naked Art Ensemble of Chicago CD 8 DIW-818
In Our Style David Murray & Jack DeJohnette CD 7 DIW-819
PDB Jaco Pastorius, Kenwood Dennard & Hiram Bullock CD 6 DIW-827
Ancient to the Future, Volume 1 Art Ensemble of Chicago CD 6 DIW-804
Live in Stockholm (December 1960) Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers CD 7 DIW-313
Persia My Dear Richard Davis, Sir Roland Hanna, Frederick Waits 12" Vinyl 7 DIW-8015
Serious Fun Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy 12" Vinyl 7 DIW-8035
Complete Live in Japan Art Ensemble of Chicago 2×CD 2 + 8 DIW-816
Naima's Love Song John Hicks Quartet featuring Bobby Watson CD 6 DIW-823 4988044008236
Cosmo Omnibus Imagiable Illusion: Live at Pit-Inn Sun Ra Arkestra CD 8 DIW-824 4988044008243
Music Revelation Ensemble Music Revelation Ensemble CD 6 DIW-825
East Side Blues John Hicks Trio CD 8 DIW-828
In Touch Phalanx (unknown) 6
Inc. 1 John Hicks CD 7
Charles Mingus in Paris 1970 Charles Mingus 2×CD 3 + 3 DIW 326/327 4988044003262
The First Recordings, Volume 2 Albert Ayler 12" Vinyl 4 DIW-25034
The First Recordings, Volume 2 Albert Ayler CD 4 DIW-349 [none]
Segments Geri Allen, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian CD 9 DIW-833
I Remember Clifford James Williams 12" Vinyl 7 DIW-601 4988044060012
Night Blossom Michel Sardaby CD 8 DIW-602E [none]
My Way Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy CD 6 DIW-8036, DIW-835
Art Ensemble of Soweto Art Ensemble of Chicago 12" Vinyl 7 DIW-8038
Ballads David Murray CD 6 DIW-840
Spirituals David Murray CD 7 DIW-841
Shakill's Warrior David Murray CD 8 CK 48963 074644896329
Art Ensemble of Soweto: America - South Africa Art Ensemble of Chicago with Amabutho CD 6 CK 52954 074645295428
Sonny's Time Now Sonny Murray CD 4 DIW-355 4988044003552
Special Quartet David Murray CD 6 DIW-843E
Live at the Village Vanguard Geri Allen, Charlie Haden, Paul Motian CD 9 DIW-847 [none]
Art Ensemble of Soweto: America - South Africa Art Ensemble Of Chicago With Amabutho CD 6 DIW-848
Remembrances David Murray CD 7 DIW-849
Funky T. Cool T. Lester Bowie & The New York Organ Ensemble CD 5 DIW-853E
Dreamin of the Masters Suite Art Ensemble of Chicago CD 10 DIW-854
Close to You Alone Stanley Cowell Trio CD 7
David Murray Big Band David Murray; Lawrence "Butch" Morris CD 8
Dare Devil Peter Brötzmann, 羽野昌二, Tetsu Yamauchi, Haruhiko Gotsu CD 5 DIW-857 4988044008571
Special Quartet David Murray CD 6
Third Ear Recitation David S. Ware CD 9 DIW-870 4988044008700
After Hours Joni James CD 12 DIW-369
Fast Life David Murray Quartet + 1 CD 6 DIW-861
Phase Space Steve Coleman & Dave Holland CD 9 DIW-865
Death of a Sideman David Murray Quartet CD 8 DIW-866
James Williams Meets the Saxophone Masters James Williams CD 6
James Williams Meets the Saxophone Masters James Williams CD 6 CK 53430 074645343020
Blues Preacher James Blood Ulmer CD 10 DIW-869 634164086923
Saints & Sinners Jean-Paul Bourelly & the BluWave Bandits CD 12 DIW-872
Harmolodic Guitar With Strings James Blood Ulmer CD 20 DIW-878
Ballads for Bass Clarinet David Murray CD 6 DIW-880 [none]
Tenors David Murray Quartet CD 6 DIW-881
Picasso David Murray Octet CD 10
My Favorite Things Joni James CD 12 DIW-394 4988044003941
Ooparts CD 9 SYUN-001
PAUSE P-MODEL CD 17 SYUN-002 4988044800021
配線上のアリア 平沢進田中靖美 CD 8 SYUN-005
Landscapes CD 4 SYUN-006
Talkin' Trash James Williams CD 9 CK66874 074646687420
Craig Taborn Trio Craig Taborn Trio CD 10 DIW-618 [none]
Shakill's II David Murray Quartet CD 7 DIW-884
Jurassic Classics James Carter Quartet CD 7 DIW-886 [none]
Alef Masada CD 11 DIW-888
Picasso David Murray CD 10 879
Beit Masada CD 11 DIW-889 4988044008892
Gimel Masada CD 10 DIW-890
Corrective Errors〜remix of 舟 P-MODEL CD 7 SYUN-007 4988044800076
Jurassic Classics James Carter CD 7 01-478612-10 5099747861222
Live From Soundscape Series: Interpretations of Monk Muhal Richard Abrams, Barry Harris, Anthony Davis & Mal Waldron 4×CD 9 + 8 + 6 + 7 DIW-395/398
Tribute to Jimi Jean-Paul Bourelly CD 10 DIW-893
Jug-A-Lug David Murray CD 8 DIW-894
Minor Swing John Patton CD 7 DIW-896
South of the Border David Murray Big Band, Lawrence "Butch" Morris CD 7 DIW-897
Hei Masada CD 9 DIW-899
Vav Masada CD 9 DIW-900
Dalet Masada CD 3 DIW-923
計算上のKun Mae CD 4 SYUN-011
致富譚 至福団 CD 7 SYUN-012
Godspelized David S. Ware CD 7 DIW-916 4988044009165
User Unknown 中野テルヲ CD 9 SYUN-015
Tales of Captain Black James Blood Ulmer CD 8 DIW-403 4988044004030
Dreamscape Jamaaladeen Tacuma CD 10 DIW-904 4988044009042
Children of the Light Rodney Whitaker CD 11 DIW-907
Music Speaks Louder than Words James Blood Ulmer CD 9 DIW-910
Zayin Masada CD 11 DIW-915
Black Spirits Are Here Again Roberto Ottaviano & Mal Waldron CD 8 DIW-917
Way Low Greg Cohen CD 9 DIW-918
Knights of Power Music Revelation Ensemble CD 8
Dalet Masada CD 3 DIW-923
Het Masada CD 10 DIW-925
Communion Jef Lee Johnson CD 14 DIW-926
Moment to Moment Greg Cohen CD 10 DIW-928
Hidden Kingdom Rodney Whitaker CD 10 DIW-929 4988044009295
Long Goodbye - A Tribute to Don Pullen David Murray Quartet CD 7 DIW-930
Rock the Cathartic Spirits: Vibe Music and the Blues! Jean-Paul Bourelly & the BluWave Bandits CD 10 DIW-911
Tet Masada CD 10 DIW-933
Mabern's Grooveyard Harold Mabern CD 9 621