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"Accessory Takes" is a music publishing net-label affiliated with RAIG. We aim to provide authorized free-to-download EPs and LPs mostly by RAIG roster-artists: out-of-prints, out-take collections, archival recordings, live sets, etc. – everything and anything that's not available on real CD-releases, and might never be. We release music for bands under the CC BY-NC-ND License (Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives), which allows the music and artwork for the release to be freely distributed and shared around in varying formats as long as no profit is made, but not to be used without permission for any TV, Radio, Film, etc. purposes and not to be used to produce any further works e.g. remixes, sampled, general plagiarism. Should you wish to use any of the releases for these purposes please contact respective authors or RAIG for permission. We like to think that the Accessory Takes' releases might work as an introduction or promo for the bands. If you should like a band you hear please don't hesitate to forward the links on to others. The full list of releases and links relating to download-pages with short descriptions of each release can be found below. Please note that some older releases, which, we think, are not the actual experience anymore, are deleted from the catalog.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Reflective Landscapes of Nowhere Light Under Water CD 4 AT004
Liventure #19 Vespero Digital Media 7 AT007
Screensaver Dream Mechanics Digital Media 5 AT015 [none]
Этих звёзд ещё не видно, когда северная проходит мимо Hard TON CD 13 AT018
Dirgenera. Compendium II Various Artists Digital Media 13 AT019
21st Century Space Adventure. Logbook 1 Various Artists Digital Media 13 AT023
Les 120 Minuetes de Sadomasonodoraemonocuporamenosodom Won James Won Digital Media 11 AT026
Dirgenera. Compendium I Various Artists Digital Media 11
Twilight a Foggy Realm Digital Media 5 AT028
Liventure #21 Vespero Digital Media 5 AT034
Without God Without God CD 5 AT35
The Mellow Mushroom Cosmic Cow Sendelica Digital Media 6 AT044
Vermel The Re-Stoned Digital Media 7 AT043
Screaming and Streaming into the Starlit Nite Sendelica Digital Media 4 AT030
Cello Liventures (In Memory Of Vladimir Belov) Vespero CD-R 7 AT052