Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
The One Neelix Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI243
Editmode Sync CD 9 SPN1CD003 4031345506465
Rovin' On Kularis CD 9 ST1CD005 4031345506489
Elevation Aerospace CD 10 ST1CD008 4250250400136
Same Thing But Different Neelix Digital Media 9 SPN1REDIGI006 [none]
Speakers Corner Day Din CD 11 ST1CD011
Area 51, Volume 3 Various Artists CD 9 SPN1CD014
Symbol Shiva Chandra CD 9 SPN1CD015 4250250400846
Technical Progress Kularis CD 9 SPN1CD017 4250250401010
Reformed Aerospace CD 9 SPN1CD018 4250250401058
Undefined Frequencies Audiomatic CD 9 SPN1CD021 4250250401317
You're Under Control Neelix CD 10 SPN1CD022 4250250401645
You’re Under Control Neelix USB Flash Drive 19 SPN1CS001
A Place to Be Real Day.Din CD 10 SPN1CD024 4250250402048
Neelix Remix Felguk Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI012
Reeperbahn Tango EP Jiser Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI010
Straight Forward, Vol. 2 Various Artists CD 10 SPN1CD025 4250250402253
A Deep Dive Nordlight CD 11 SPN1CD027 4250250402468
Stereo Flip Aerospace CD 10 SPN1CD028 4250250402550
Beyond The Perimeter Philter CD 10 SPN1CD029 4250250402611
Audiophile Vol.2 Audiophile (unknown) 10 SPNCD031
Arcade Hackers Roeth & Grey Digital Media 5 SPN1DIGI017 [none]
Up & Down EP Jiser & Interactive Noise Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI018
Satisflaxion Vaishiyas CD 10 SPN1CD032 4250250402949
Chainsaw Neelix Digital Media 5 SPN1DIGI019
After the Rain Krama CD 10 SPN1CD030 4250250402628
Ask The Right Questions Neelix Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI008
Transgressive Zyce CD 10 SPN1CD034 4250250403403
Across The Sea Krama CD 9 SPN1CD040
Tones Shiva Chandra Digital Media 5
Cutting Edge Various Artists CD 10 SPNCD035 4250250403601
Mind Your Step Neelix / Vaishiyas Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI030
Rewire Interactive Noise CD 10 SPN1CD037 4250250403991
Give Me Jiser Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI038
Sync Yourself Day.Din CD 11 SPN1CD038 4250250404004
Sync Yourself Various Artists CD 11 SPN1CD038 4250250404004
NERD Neelix CD 3
Seventh Grade Neelix Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI052 [none]
The Unreleased 2011 Neelix Digital Media 5 SPN1DIGI076 [none]
Goofy Jam Session Neelix Digital Media 4 SPN1DIGI057
Summer Dreams Vol. 2 Jiser Digital Media 10 SPN1DIGI058
Schaukelstuhl Remixe Shiva Chandra Digital Media 4 [none]
Not Like the Otherz Fabio & Moon CD 10
Wagga Wagga Neelix Digital Media 7 SPN1DIGI068
Weekend Society Audiomatic CD 10 SPN1CD039 4250250404264
Just Try EP Jiser Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI071
Synthetik Pleasure Interactive Noise CD 10
Lost in the Mix Audiomatic Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI077
Face-Lift Neelix Digital Media 8 SPN1DIGI085 [none]
The Beauty Of Noise Shiva Chandra CD 9 SPN1CD046 4250250405117
Live 2012 Neelix Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI079
Progressive Trance Essentials, Vol. 1 Various Artists Digital Media 20 SPN1DIGI086
It's Here EP Coming Soon Digital Media 4 SPN1DIGI094
Smiles & More Klopfgeister CD 10 SPN1CD048 4250250405315
Regular Zombie Jiser Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI103
Dark Matter Neelix Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI110
Same Thing But Different - Live Set Neelix Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI117
Become One Coming Soon & Day.Din Digital Media 4 SPN1DIGI119
Based on True Stories Fabio & Moon (unknown) 10
Memories Interactive Noise (unknown) 10
Breaking Time Jiser Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI127
Remixed Com!ng Soon CD 10 SPN1CD053 4250250405957
Monday Again Kularis CD 9 SPN1CD055 4250250406077
Audiophile, Volume 4 Various Artists CD 10 SPN1CD056 4250250406138
Plutonium Krama Digital Media 5 SPN1DIGI116 [none]
Born & Raised Neelix (unknown) 2 SPN1DIGI153
Angels Of Destruction (Neelix Remix) Neelix Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI162
Wait For It Com!ng Soon!!! Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI163
Shake It Easy Jiser & Lonely Fellow Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI168
Raise The Banners Krama Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI173
Cacophony Day.Din Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI176
Running Walls Kularis Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI185
Capture The Name Coming Soon Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI182
Capture The Name Coming Soon!!!, Bryan Kearney & Vini Vici Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI182
All About Me Jiser Digital Media 8 SPN1DIGI189A
Fruitopia Rework Kularis Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI202
Remixed Part One Neelix (unknown) 3 SPN1DIGI203
Firestarter Durs Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI213
Values Kularis Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI221
Human Neelix Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI222 [none]
I'm Nobody Nok & Day.Din Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI227
Be Who You Are Fabio & Moon Digital Media 10 SPN1DIGI230 [none]
People Neelix Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI241
RMX Neelix CD 11 SPN1CD047 4250250405209
Coming Home Kularis Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI245
Daily Morning Tales Jiser Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI254
Pack Morten Granau Digital Media 15 SPN1DIGI253
Nightshift Kularis Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI261
Reflect Neelix Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI266A [none]
Entry Kularis Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI274
Ever Since Neelix Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI275
Turn the Page Day.Din Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI279
My Pets Kronfeld Digital Media 3 SPN1DIGI282
You Can Change The World Neelix Digital Media 2 SPN1DIGI294A
Mosquito Neelix Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI338
On My Own Neelix Digital Media 8 SPN1DIGI355S 881034135810
Cities of the Future (Timelock Remix) Infected Mushroom Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI398D 191515931764
Afrika Red Sun & Harmonika Digital Media 1 SPN1DIGI409D [none]
Audiophile Vol 3 Various Artists CD 10 SPNCD049