Parvati Records (Psy-Trance label from Denmark)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Psychedelically Yours Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD02
Voices of Madness Psychotic Micro & Azax Syndrom CD 9 PRVCD04 5707165000030
Third Trip Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD03
Waves from Outer Space Kindzadza CD 9 PRVCD05 5707165000047
Psychedelically Yours 2 Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD06 5707165000054
Tits on Fire Grapes of Wrath / Meteloids CD 8 PRVCD07 5707165000061
The World of Peace Para Halu CD 10 PRVCD09 5707165000085
Psy Stories Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD10 5707165000092
Psychedelically Yours 3 Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD08 5707165000078
Mad Different Methods Naked Tourist CD 8 PRVCD11 5707165000108
Psy Stories 3 Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD13
No Time No Space Various Artists (unknown) 10 PRVCD14 5707165000139
Ukalen Atriohm & Encephalopaticys CD 9 PRVCD17 5707165000177
Parvatrip Various Artists CD 10 PAV1CD018
BrainZcrew Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD19 [none]
Made of Clay Gappeq CD 10 PRVCD20
Parvatrip 2 Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD21 [none]
Pearls & Pixies III Various Artists CD 10 PXPCD03
Use Your Head Onkel Dunkel CD 8 PRVCD22
Parvatrip 3 Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD23
Brainzcrew, Volume 2 Various Artists CD 10 PRVCD24 [none]
Myths'n'Legends Alrune Digital Media 6 PRVDG03 [none]
S.S.I. Nargun Digital Media 4 PRVDG05
Vertical Vertical Digital Media 4 PRVDG07
Digital Masala Various Artists Digital Media 4 PRVEP07
Digital Masala 2 Various Artists Digital Media 5 PRVEP08
Kykeon Archaic Digital Media 4 PRVEP09 [none]
Digital Masala III Various Artists Digital Media 5 PRVEP10
Primal Contact Arjuna CD 9 PRVCD28 8023678162575
XV Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD29
II Vertical Digital Media 4
Fused Immersion Various Artists CD 10 PRVVCD01
Cernunnos Red Eye Jedi Digital Media 5 PRVDG13 [none]
Sananga Elowinz Digital Media 4 PRVEP20
Future Land Various Artists Digital Media 12 PRVDSP01 [none]
Million Years Dance Atriohm Digital Media 5 PRVEP21 [none]
Aarhus By Night Various Artists CD 9 PRVCD30
Zune Futuro Digital Media 5 PRVDG16 [none]
Connections Onkel Dunkel Digital Media 8
Summer 2017 DJ Set Giuseppe Capodanno Digital Media 1 PRVDG17 [none]
Technological Patterns Cracked Nozes Digital Media 4 PVREP023
If The Party People Are United Gu Digital Media 5 PRVDG18 [none]
Primitives Onkel Dunkel Digital Media 1 PRVDG19 [none]
Old Soul Tengri Digital Media 9 PRVDA02 [none]
Forest Circus Fako Digital Media 4 PRVDG21 [none]
Attitude Adjustment Various Artists Digital Media 11 PRVDA03 [none]
Farebi Jalebi Farebi Jalebi Digital Media 2 PRVDG22 [none]
Coruscant Futuro Digital Media 3 PRVDG23 [none]
Medicine Bag Archaic Digital Media 2 PRVDG24 [none]