Agitato Records (Israeli psychedelic trance label)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Space Buddha Space Buddha CD 8 AGE1002
Fairy Tale's Indica CD 8 AGE 1004 7290005294921
Analog Reflections Various Artists CD 8 AGE1006
Eternity Project Space Buddha CD 8 AGE1007 7290001547175
Chillum - The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey Various Artists CD 9 AGE1012 7290005794384
Tales From the Unknown Delirious CD 8 AGE1015 7290005794414
Stigmata Space Buddha CD 8 AGE1018 7290005794490
Hyper Sound Digital Karma CD 9 AGE1008 7290001547205
Spiritual Moves 3: Acid Germs Various Artists CD 8 AGE1010 7290001547182
B.P.M. - Bionic Pulse Method Various Artists CD 8 age1022 7290005794605
The Miracle Man Psydrop CD 8 AGE1023 7290005794728
Jungle of Whishes Space Buddha CD 8 AGE1025
Corrupt Data Factory Boo Reka CD 8 AGE1027
Chillum: The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey, Volume 2 Various Artists CD 9 AGE1021 7290005794315
Fantasy Seeds Psydrop CD 9 AGE1031
The Indoor Bible Mungusid, Psydrop, Cyber Cartel, Space Buddha, Xerox, Space Monkey, Shift, Gataka & Lemurians Digital Media 9 AGE1032
Spiritual Moves 5: Chemical Logic Various Artists CD 9 AGE1033
Storm Reaction Space Buddha CD 9 AGE1034
B.P.M. Vol.2 Various Artists CD 9 AGE030
The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey, Volume 3 Various Artists CD 10 AGE1029
Psychotic Episode Space Monkey CD 9 AGE1035
Visions of Tomorrow Indica CD 9 AGE1037 7290010210022
TB-O-Not-2B Trauma CD 10 AGE1039
Stereo Activity Various Artists CD 9 AGE 1041 7290010210060
Chillum Vol. 4 - The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey Various Artists CD 10 AGE1040
Fallen Angel Michele Adamson CD 14 AGE1042 7290010210022
Hyperactive Space Monkey CD 9 AGE1045 7290010210237
Full Circle Space Buddha CD 9 AGE1048
Notes Junky Beat Hackers CD 9 AGE1051
The Lost Planet Opium of the Masses CD 9 AGE 1053 7290010210329
High Infinity Toast3D CD 9 AGE1054
No Shields Space Buddha CD 9 AGE1056 7290010210350
Chillum Vol 5: The Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey Various Artists CD 10 AGE1057 7290010210367
Who Needs to Sleep Anyway Cyber Cartel Digital Media 9 AGE1059
Not for Sale Beat Hackers CD 9 AGE1061 7290010210404
The Seven Chakras Bamboo Forest CD 8 AGE1063
Party Leader Space Buddha vs. Toast3D (unknown) 10 AGECD064 7290010210435
Natural Flow Counter Point (unknown) 10
Area 51 Intergalactic CD 9