baritone saxophone

~ Wind instrument


Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length Instrument Credits
... From the Green Hill Tomasz Stańko 7:46
... Y Despues de Todo Tomasz Stańko 3:59
'Bout Time Mike Ledonne Quintet 0:52
'Deed I Do Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers 2:55
'Deed I Do Milt Jackson 5:23
'Deed I Do Ella Fitzgerald & The Count Basie Orchestra 2:44
'Deed I Do Bing Crosby 2:51
'Fore Day Blues Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five 2:36
'Round About Midnight Maynard Ferguson 7:22
'Round Midnight Sun Ra and His Astro Infinity Arkestra 3:55
'Round Midnight Maynard Ferguson 4:48
'Round Midnight Charles Tolliver 9:10
'Round Midnight James Carter 5 6:07
'Round Midnight Billy Taylor 10:34
'Round Midnight Michel Legrand FRZ035800710 3:00
'Round Midnight Thelonious Monk & Gerry Mulligan 8:29
'Round Midnight (take 2) Milt Jackson 6:50
's Wonderful Gerry Mulligan Trio 3:36
's Wonderful Ruby Braff ?:??
's Wonderful Ruby Braff ?:??
'S Wonderful Sonny Stitt 2:29
'S Wonderful Sonny Stitt 2:24
'Tag, Dieter! Helmut Brandt Combo ?:??
'Tain't No Need Johnny Hartman 3:10
'Tain't So, Honey, 'Tain't So Willard Robison 2:48
'Taint No Use The Blue Wisp Big Band 6:15
'Tis Autumn Chet Baker & Bill Evans 5:18
'Twas Only Yesterday The Clare Fischer Big Band 6:29
’63 Impala Oliver Lake Big Band 7:53
’Cause My Baby Says It’s So Slim Gaillard 2:43
’Round Midnight The Maynard Ferguson Orchestra 3:46
’Round Midnight Art Pepper 5 3:35
’s Wonderful Ella Fitzgerald USPR35905246 3:31
’S Wonderful Gerry Mulligan Quartet 3:34
’Til Me Back Ain’t Got No Bone Esther Phillips 3:15
’Tis Autumn Chet Baker 5:18
"C" Jam Blues Johnny Hodges 4:53
"C" Jam Blues Duke Ellington & His Orchestra feat. Paul Gonsalves 5:14
"C" Jam Blues Ella Fitzgerald & The Count Basie Orchestra 4:12
"C" Jam Blues Duke Ellington 4:53
"The Half of It, Dearie" Blues Ella Fitzgerald USPR35982257 3:49
"There Is No Heaven From Where Slogans Go To Die" Frank Zappa 4:37
“Heist” (Conker’s Bad Fur Day) ConSoul Big Band 3:05
“K. Rool Duel” (Donkey Kong 64) ConSoul Big Band 3:23
“Like A Boss” (Diddy Kong Racing) Monte & Friends 2:39
“Sinking Old Sanctuary” (Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness) ConSoul Big Band 2:02
“The Simpsons” Main Title Theme Alf Clausen 1:23
“Windy & Co.” (Conker’s Bad Fur Day) ConSoul Big Band 2:24
»Die kalte Nacht« Berliner Saxophon Quartett 4:06
»Flow My Tears« Berliner Saxophon Quartett 1:53
»Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen« Berliner Saxophon Quartett 3:05
»Lacrimae Pavan« Berliner Saxophon Quartett 4:29
»Madonna mia cara« Berliner Saxophon Quartett 2:00
(«But Brother Ass, there is a whole dimension lacking to what you say. How is it possible for one to convey this in Oxford English? ») POING 3:19
(Back Home Again in) Indiana Harry James 2:50
(Back Home Again in) Indiana Richie Kamuca & Bill Holman 4:33
(dance dance) Work Your Body Idris Muhammad 7:54
(Don’t Call Me) Mrs Christmas Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler 3:10
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Otis Redding USAT20800909 4 2:46
(I Wanna) Take You for a Ride (From "Marvel vs. Capcom 2") Michael Garrett Steele 4:29
(I Want) Something to Live For Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 2:54
(I've Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo dmp Big Band 2:59
(If) You Want Trouble Nick Waterhouse 3:23
(It's No) Sin Coleman Hawkins 3:02
(It’s Hard) Letting You Go Bon Jovi USPR39505123 5:51
(Land of Meadows) Meadowland Oliver Nelson 2:48
(Love's Got Me in a) Lazy Mood Johnny Mercer 3:05
(Set Break) Louie Bellson 3:20
(She’s Got the) Blues for Sale Jimmie Vaughan 2:40
(The Gift of Sound) Where the Sun Never Goes Down David Byrne 2:33
(Under) A Southern Moon and Sky Teddy Edwards 5:20
(What Did I Do to Be So) Black & Blue? Roy Eldridge Septet 3:28
(You'll Always Be) The One I Love Gigi Gryce 3:30
(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care Joni Mitchell 2:38
[Bill Cosby introduction to Honeysuckle Rose] / Honeysuckle Rose Charles Mingus 4:50
[Bill Cosby introduction to Teo Macero and Charles Mingus] / [Bill Cosby introduction to Jump Monk] / Jump Monk Charles Mingus 9:57
[untitled] Count Basie 5:11
#41 Dave Matthews Band USRC19603152 3 6:39
1, 2, 3, 4 Big Jay McNeely 1:43
1. Satz für Anna Reisch Luise Volkmann, Été Large 11:50
2:a på bollen Magnus Uggla 4:02
2. Satz für Anna Luise Volkmann, Été Large 5:40
3 Minute Heels Bobby Previte 13:00
3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2 Stan Kenton 4:29
3-D Big Jay McNeely 2:44 baritone sax
3/4 of Time Ray Charles 2:51
3/4 Pole Bobby Previte 6:45
3rd Programme Magdalena Szostak, Adam Ferency, Adam Szymczyk, Damian Drzymała, Jerzy Sieczka, Dariusz Brauhoff, Sławomir Witkowski, Marek Andrysek, Robert Czmok, Szymon Bywalec, Youth Studio of the Society for Percussion Art 17:11
4 sekunder Magnus Uggla SEVBS9301080 4:05
4'33' (open windows version): I Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüger, Reimar Volker 0:34
4'33' (open windows version): II Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüger, Reimar Volker 2:40
4'33' (open windows version): III Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüger, Reimar Volker 1:29
4'33' (studio version): I Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüger, Reimar Volker 0:38
4'33' (studio version): II Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüger, Reimar Volker 2:47
4'33' (studio version): III Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüger, Reimar Volker 1:27
5 + 9 = Swing Orchester Fips Fleischer 2:40
5 Mo Andrew Hill 6:42
5-5-7 Bob Curnow & SWR Big Band 8:53
5-10-15 Times Big Bad Voodoo Daddy 5:18
6 M’s Donald Byrd USBN20600138 6:34