Northumbrian pipes

~ Wind instrument


Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length Instrument Credits
'Ouses, 'Ouses, 'Ouses John Copper and Sheila Chandra with Simon Emmerson GBCPA0701160 6:21
Al Cuilin (The Coolin) Adrian Schofield GBAJU9800285 3:24 Northumbrian smallpipes
Bogey's Bonnie Belle Ship of Fools 3:55
Brandon, Browney and Boyne The Whisky Priests 4:42
Christie MacLeod / The Gallowglass Rant / Charlie Hunter Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson 3:33 Northumbrian small pipes
Cobbler's Jig / Maltese Brawle Ship of Fools 3:28
Cuckold Come Out of Amrey Alan Jones and Ralph Thompson GBAJU9800286 2:35 Northumbrian smallpipes
Epitaph and Lament For The Setting Sons The Whisky Priests 4:17
Four Bare Legs Together / Kiss Her Under the Coverlet Chris Ormston GBAJU9800291 2:13 Northumbrian smallpipes
Gilgarry's Glen J. P. Cormier 4:54 parlour pipes
Gillan's Apples / My Darling's Asleep / King of the Pipers Adrian Schofield GBAJU9800297 3:46 Northumbrian smallpipes
Here's the Tender Coming / Go to Berwick Johnny Anthony Robb and Jamie Robb GBAJU9800298 2:06 Northumbrian smallpipes
Jamie Allan / Winster Gallop Anthony Robb, Jamie Robb, Colin Ross and Adrian Schofield GBAJU9800290 2:16 Northumbrian smallpipes and Northumbrian smallpipes
Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club / Linda McFarland / The Scairlaveg Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson 3:51 Northumbrian small pipes
Landau Penguin Cafe 4:59
Madame Bonaparte Anthony Robb and Geoff Purvis GBAJU9800288 2:04
Magdalen McGillivray Tamarack 5:11
Medley: “The Wren! The Wren!”: Brafferton Village / Walsh’s Hornpipe The Chieftains with Kathryn Tickell 1:24
Memories of Wallington Richard Butler GBAJU9800289 2:23 Northumbrian smallpipes
Millennium Celtic Suite The Chieftains 7:16 Northumbrian bagpipes
Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite Alan Jones and Ralph Thompson GBAJU9800296 4:10 Northumbrian smallpipes
Mrs. Jamieson’s Favorite / Parnell’s March Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson 4:37 Northumbrian small pipes
Northern Muse (Solid Ground) Van Morrison 4:06 pipes
Off To California / The Greencastle Hornpipe Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson 3:12 Northumbrian Small Pipes
On the Hill Remains a Heart Blue Rose Code 3:50 pipes
Oyster Wife's Rant / Lads of Ainwick Colin Ross, Chris Ormston and Adrian Schofield GBAJU9800301 2:48 Northumbrian smallpipes
Proudlock's Hornpipe / Rothbury Hills Richard Butler GBAJU9800283 3:06 Northumbrian smallpipes
QE2 Mike Oldfield GBAAA0000295 4 7:38
Revelation Song Kari Jobe 6:01
Salmon Tails Up the Water / Johnny Armstrong / Redesdale Hornpipe Richard Butler GBAJU9800295 3:23 Northumbrian smallpipes
Shake Loose the Border Chuck Fleming and Gerry Kaley 6:43
Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Amang Them All Richard Butler GBAJU9800299 2:59 Northumbrian smallpipes
Snow It Melts the Soonest Ian Stephenson 4:03
Spirit of the Border Colin Ross and Chris Ormston GBAJU9800292 4:26 Northumbrian smallpipes
Stool of Repentance / Hexham Races Colin Ross, Chris Ormston and Adrian Schofield GBAJU9800284 2:05 Northumbrian smallpipes
The Blackbird Chris Ormston GBAJU9800281 3:13
The Bonny Pit Laddie Chris Ormston GBAJU9800287 3:18 Northumbrian smallpipes
The Brilliance You Need Stephen Fearing 6:16
The Redesdale Hornpipe Jack Armstrong 0:39
The Verdant Braes of Screen Ship of Fools 5:00
The Willow Tree / Mr. Kennedy North Colin Ross and Chris Ormston GBAJU9800300 2:53 Northumbrian smallpipes
Whinham's Reel / Nancy Anthony Robb and Geoff Purvis GBAJU9800282 2:11 Northumbrian smallpipes
Yellow-Haired Laddie / Hesleyside Reel Anthony Robb and Geoff Purvis GBAJU9800294 2:20 Northumbrian smallpipes