Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together (2012-11-02)

~ Concert


main performers: Christina Aguilera
Mary J. Blige
Jon Bon Jovi
The E Street Band
Jimmy Fallon
Billy Joel
Joe Perry
Mark Rivera (background vocals)
Bruce Springsteen (lead vocals)
Sting (singer, songwriter & member of The Police)
Steven Tyler
Brad Whitford
held at: Studio 6A (NBC Studios, GE Building) in Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
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Artist: Christina Aguilera


Artist: Jon Bon Jovi

Who Says You Can’t Go Home
Livin’ on a Prayer

Artist: Billy Joel

Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)

Artist: Jimmy Fallon
Artist: Steven Tyler
Artist: Billy Joel

Under the Boardwalk (with Bruce Springsteen and Mark Rivera)

Artist: Steven Tyler
Artist: Joe Perry
Artist: Brad Whitford

Dream On

Artist: Sting

Message in a Bottle

Artist: Mary J. Blige

The Living Proof

Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Artist: The E Street Band

Land of Hope and Dreams / People Get Ready

Land of Hope and Dreams / People Get Ready