Richard X

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legal name: Richard Philips (English songwriter and record producer)
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VIAF ID: VIAF: 58483038 [info]
Wikidata: Q4048299 [info]
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Chewing Gum
Me Plus One
Parallel Lives guest and keyboard Róisín Murphy 4:22
DJ additional Saint Etienne 4:40
Freak Like Me (We Don't Give a Damn mix) Sugababes 3:38
I’ve Got Your Music additional Saint Etienne 3:47
Plastic New Order 6:55
When I Was Seventeen Saint Etienne 3:37
Back to Mine: Richard X Richard X
Being Nobody Liberty X feat. Richard X 3:38
Being Nobody Richard X vs Liberty X 3:38
Being Nobody (feat. Richard X) Liberty X 3:36
10 Dollar M.I.A. 4:01
Alive additional Goldfrapp 3:28
Amazon M.I.A. 4:17
Carnt Sleep (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 4:57
Chewing Gum Annie 3:56
Chewing Gum (Mylo remix) Annie 5:54
Chewing Gum (radio edit) Annie 3:31
Dilworth’s Theme (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 2:17
DJ additional Saint Etienne 4:40
Etienne Gonna Die (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 1:30
Freak Like Me Sugababes 3:13
Freak Like Me (We Don't Give a Damn mix) Sugababes 3:38
Fugitive (Richard X extended mix) Pet Shop Boys 6:06
Girl VII (Foxbase Beta mix) additional Saint Etienne 4:36
I’ve Got Your Music additional Saint Etienne 3:47
Intro Annie 0:54
Like the Swallow (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 6:18
London Belongs to Me (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 4:08
Me Plus One Annie 3:39
Nothing Can Stop Us (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 3:44
Only (Richard X mix) additional Nine Inch Nails 7:26
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 4:29
Out of My Mind additional Saint Etienne 3:57
Parallel Lives Róisín Murphy 4:22
Sally Sam Sparro 4:00
She’s the One (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 3:38
Some Girls Rachel Stevens 3:36
Some Girls Rachel Stevens 3:35
Some Girls (The Sharp Boys Hot Fridge Vocal mix) Rachel Stevens 8:36
Spring (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 3:58
Stoned to Say the Least (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 6:05
This Is Radio Etienne (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 0:53
Too Many Questions Sam Sparro 3:56
Wilson (Foxbase Beta) additional Saint Etienne 2:10
Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X remix edit) New Order 4:18
Enjoy the Silence '04 (Richard X mix) Depeche Mode 3:32
Girl VII (Foxbase Beta mix) Saint Etienne 4:36
Hold Dat (club mix) (feat. Jemini & Rell) Prince Po 3:15
Hold Dat (club remix) Prince Po feat. Jemini & Rell 3:17
Hold Dat (feat. Jemini & Rell) (Richard X Mix II) Prince Po 4:07
I Didn’t See It Coming (Richard X mix) Belle and Sebastian 3:45
Method of Modern Love (Richard X Join Our Clique remix) Saint Etienne 6:00
No More Conversations (Richard X remix radio edit) Freeform Five 3:38
No More Conversations (Richard X remix) (part of “Freeform Five: Misch Masch” DJ-mix) Freeform Five 3:42
Only (Richard X dub) Nine Inch Nails 7:53
Only (Richard X edit) Nine Inch Nails 3:48
Only (Richard X mix) Nine Inch Nails 7:26
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Foxbase Beta instrumental) Saint Etienne 7:56
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Foxbase Beta mix) Saint Etienne 8:00
Pick Up the Phone (Richard X remix) Dragonette 6:08
Rocket (Richard X Eight Four remix) Goldfrapp 6:57
Rocket (Richard X One Zero dub) Goldfrapp 6:59
Rocket (Richard X One Zero remix) Goldfrapp 6:59
Situation (Richard X remix) Yazoo 5:51
Wait & See (Richard X remix) Holy Ghost! 5:06
Me Plus One background vocals Annie 3:39
10 Dollar
Some Girls (Rachel Stevens song)