Collin Walcott

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member of: Codona
Paul Winter Consort
original member of: Oregon (– 1984-09-08)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Again and Again, Again
Hey Da Ba Doom
Like That of Sky
New Light
The Silence of a Candle
There Was No Moon That Night
Travel by Day
Travel by Night
Walking on Eggs
1972-06-01 On the Corner / New York Girl / Thinkin' of One Thing and Doin' Another / Vote for Miles electric sitar Miles Davis 19:59
1972-06-06 Helen Butte / Mr. Freedom X electric sitar Miles Davis 23:18
1972-06-06 One and One electric sitar Miles Davis 6:09
1983-02 Arianna sitar Oregon 6:29
1983-02 Beacon percussion Oregon 2:57
1983-02 Impending Bloom bass drum Oregon 7:52
1983-02 Skyline percussion Oregon 1:19
1983-02 Taos drums [tongue] Oregon 6:15
1983-02 Taos percussion Oregon 6:15
1983-02 The Rapids percussion Oregon 8:29
1983-02 There Was No Moon That Night percussion Oregon 7:20
1984-10 Alpenbridge sitar Oregon 6:28
1984-10 Amaryllis percussion Oregon 8:51
1984-10 Crossing percussion Oregon 3:13
1984-10 Kronach Waltz snare drum Oregon 3:02
1984-10 Kronach Waltz bass drum Oregon 3:02
1984-10 Pepé Linque tabla Oregon 4:19
1984-10 Pepé Linque percussion Oregon 4:19
1984-10 Queen of Sydney tabla Oregon 8:12
1984-10 Queen of Sydney percussion Oregon 8:12
1984-10 The Glide percussion Oregon 6:10
1984-10 The Glide tabla Oregon 6:10
1984-10 Travel by Day sitar Oregon 4:20
Africa percussion Steve Eliovson 5:40
Ann Arbor congas and tabla Larry Coryell 5:01
Awakening percussion Collin Walcott 1:24
Awakening percussion Steve Eliovson 1:24
Codona hammered dulcimer Collin Walcott 6:12
Dawn Dance percussion Steve Eliovson 8:02
Earth End percussion Steve Eliovson 4:26
Eternity percussion Steve Eliovson 1:52
Flagolet piano Oregon 5:16
Friend of the Family tabla Oregon 4:40
Friend of the Family percussion Oregon 4:40
Godumaduma sitar Collin Walcott 1:55
Improvisation on Robert de Visee's Menuet II congas and tabla Larry Coryell 8:14
Improvisation on Robert de Visee's Sarabande congas and tabla Larry Coryell 5:20
Julie la Belle congas and tabla Larry Coryell 5:47
Like That of Sky sitar Collin Walcott 10:51
Like That of Sky tabla Collin Walcott 10:51
Lullaby sitar Collin Walcott 3:30
Malinyea sitar Jim Pepper 4:18
Memories percussion Steve Eliovson 2:11
Padma sitar Collin Walcott 2:47
Pavane for a Dead Princess congas and tabla Larry Coryell 5:39
Prancing tabla Collin Walcott 3:24
Raven's Wood percussion Oregon 9:37
Raven's Wood tabla Oregon 9:37
Scimitar tabla Collin Walcott 2:46
Serenade percussion Oregon 2:12
Serenade tabla Oregon 2:12
Slowjazz percussion Steve Eliovson 4:40
Song for Jim Webb congas and tabla Larry Coryell 3:15
Song for the Masters percussion Steve Eliovson 4:45
Song of the Morrow sitar Collin Walcott 9:17
Song of the Morrow tabla Collin Walcott 9:17
Squaw Song tabla Jim Pepper 5:26
The Restful Mind congas and tabla Larry Coryell 3:10
Travel by Day sitar Collin Walcott 4:16
Travel by Night sitar Collin Walcott 5:47
Venice percussion Steve Eliovson 6:36
Violin (Group Improvisations) tabla Oregon 15:34
Violin (Group Improvisations) percussion Oregon 15:34
Wanderer percussion Steve Eliovson 3:05
Water sitar Jim Pepper 5:44
Ya Na Ho tabla Jim Pepper 3:03
1978-04 Out of the Woods guitar Oregon
1978-04 Out of the Woods sitar Oregon
1978-04 Out of the Woods percussion Oregon
1978-04 Out of the Woods tabla Oregon
Cycles sitar David Darling
Cycles percussion David Darling
Cycles tabla David Darling
The Codona Trilogy hammered dulcimer, mbira, sitar, tabla and timpani Codona
Roots in the Sky additional Oregon
1983-02 Impending Bloom Oregon 7:52
Hey Da Ba Doom Collin Walcott 7:11
The Codona Trilogy Codona