Weldon Irvine

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performs as: mAster Wel
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
African Dream
Mr Clean
Persian Blues
Pogo Stick
Return of Spiritman
1967-11-13 Can't Let Her Go piano Freddie Hubbard 6:12
1970-11-16 Mr. Clean tambourine Freddie Hubbard 13:37
1970-11-16 Straight Life tambourine Freddie Hubbard 17:30
1971-05-19 Don’t Mess With Me electric piano Richard "Groove" Holmes 6:46
1971-05-19 Down Home Funk electric piano Richard "Groove" Holmes 5:21
1971-05-19 Groovin’ for Mr. G electric piano Richard "Groove" Holmes 4:12
1971-05-19 Mr. Clean electric piano Richard "Groove" Holmes 5:04
1971-05-19 This Here electric piano Richard "Groove" Holmes 5:05
1971-05-19 Wave electric piano Richard "Groove" Holmes 5:46
1975-06 – 1975-08 Away Go Troubles Down the Drain organ Lenny White 3:33
Astronomy (8th Light) guest and keyboard Black Star feat. Weldon Irvine 3:24
Blues Wel-Don piano Weldon Irvine 8:29
Here's Where I Came In piano Weldon Irvine 6:42
Homey piano Weldon Irvine 4:19
I Shall Be Released organ Nina Simone 3:54
Juggah Buggah Moog Weldon Irvine 3:16
Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues organ Nina Simone 4:50
Liberated Brother piano Weldon Irvine 6:28
Mr Clean piano Weldon Irvine 5:20
Mr. Clean piano Bernard Wright 5:41
Persian Blues Rhodes piano Big Bud 6:17
Return of Spiritman Rhodes piano Big Bud 5:13
Revolution, Part 1 organ Nina Simone 2:53
Revolution, Part 2 organ Nina Simone 1:54
Sister Sanctified Moog Weldon Irvine 3:20
Sister Sanctified melodica Weldon Irvine 3:20
Suzanne organ Nina Simone 4:20
The Times They Are A-Changin’ organ Nina Simone 5:59
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) organ Nina Simone 3:41
A Very Rare Evening organ Nina Simone
Straight Life tambourine Freddie Hubbard
Time Capsule Hammond organ Weldon Irvine
Time Capsule Rhodes piano Weldon Irvine
Time Capsule melodica Weldon Irvine
instrument arranger
Climb strings Mos Def feat. Vinia Mojica 4:02
Habitat keyboard Mos Def 4:40
To Be Young, Gifted and Black
Amigo Mio Big Bud feat. Weldon Irvine 6:12
African Dream Reflection Eternal 4:09
Bananas Weldon Irvine 2:18
Blues Wel-Don Weldon Irvine 8:29
Deja Vu Weldon Irvine 9:26
Feelin' Mellow Weldon Irvine 3:44
Gloria Weldon Irvine 3:06
Here's Where I Came In Weldon Irvine 6:42
Homey Weldon Irvine 4:19
I Am Weldon Irvine 1:27
Juggah Buggah Weldon Irvine 3:16
Liberated Brother Weldon Irvine 6:28
Mr Clean Weldon Irvine 5:20
Sister Sanctified Weldon Irvine 3:20
Soul Sisters Weldon Irvine 7:36
Spontaneous Interaction Weldon Irvine 6:02
Time Capsule Weldon Irvine 2:24
Watergate Weldon Irvine 7:10
All Over the World Big Bud 7:21
Baby Big Bud 6:06
Mombassa Big Bud 7:54
On the Six Big Bud 6:05
Persian Blues Big Bud 6:17
Return of Spiritman Big Bud 5:13
Sacha's Song Big Bud 6:10
Soulfood Big Bud 8:40
Time Capsule Weldon Irvine
Liberated Brother
Music Is the Key