SALM (SomethingALaMode)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
5 Am SomethingALaMode feat. K.Flay 3:36
5 AM SomethingALaMode feat. K.Flay 4:44
5 AM SomethingALaMode & K.Flay 4:44
5AM (Something a La Mode) SomethingALaMode feat. K.Flay ?:??
After the Rain SALM 2:21
Angst: One The Toxic Avenger feat. SomethingALaMode 5:18
Angst:One (LP version) The Toxic Avenger feat. SALM 4:47
Architecture SALM 5:07
Architecture SALM 5:09
Architecture (Attaque remix) SALM 5:38
Architecture (DWNTWN remix) SALM 3:34
Architecture (Mydas remix) SALM 5:02
Architecture (Them Jeans remix) SALM 5:21
By Your Side SomethingALaMode 5:51
By Your Side SomethingALaMode 5:51
Dies Irae SomethingALaMode 4:49
Dies Irae SomethingALaMode 4:49
Easy Loving SomethingALaMode 3:44
Easy Loving SomethingALaMode 3:44
Endless Stairs SALM 4:12
Fucking Friend Part II SomethingALaMode 3:26
Fucking Friend Part II SomethingALaMode 3:26
G-String SomethingALaMode ?:??
GString SomethingALaMode 4:27
GString SomethingALaMode 4:27
Julius SALM 5:36
Kairos SALM 3:57
Little Bit of Feel Good SomethingALaMode feat. Adam Joseph 3:58
Little Bit of Feel Good SomethingALaMode & Adam Joseph 3:58
Losing Game SALM feat. Adam Joseph 4:20
On My Mind SALM feat. DWNTWN 2:56
On My Mind SALM feat. DWNTWN 2:53
Paris Make Me Feel Like Dancing SomethingALaMode 3:39
Prophet 21 SALM 4:36
Prophet 21 SALM 4:37
Prophet 21 (club edit) SALM 5:38
Romance in B Minor SomethingALaMode 4:02
Romance In B Minor SomethingALaMode 4:02
Rondo Parisiano SomethingALaMode feat. Karl Lagerfeld 3:26
Rondo Parisiano SALM 2:51
Rondo Parisiano (part of a “Siddharta: Spirit of Buddha‐Bar: Budapest” DJ‐mix) SALM feat. Karl Lagerfeld 2:30
Rondo Parisiano (Karl Lagerfeld remix) SALM 3:20
Rondoparisiano SomethingALaMode 3:26
Rondoparisiano Something A La Mode feat. Karl Lagerfeld 2:32
RondoParisiano (edit) SomethingALaMode feat. Karl Lagerfeld 2:30
RondoParisiano (radio edit) SomethingALaMode feat. Karl Lagerfeld 3:06
RondoParisiano (Radio Edit) SomethingALaMode & Karl Lagerfeld 3:07
SchubertALaMode SomethingALaMode 5:23
SchubertALaMode SomethingALaMode 5:23
SchubertALaMode (part of a “Buddha‐Bar: Classical Chillharmonic” DJ‐mix) SomethingALaMode 5:05
Show Me SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon 4:21
Show Me (Louis Laroché Innovation) SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon 4:25
Show Me (radio edit) SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon 2:41
Show Me (The Loops of Fury remix) SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon 5:20
Show Me (The Toxic Avenger remix) SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon 4:19
Show Me (Valerna remix) SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon 6:12
Somebody's Gonna Love Me SALM feat. Lola 3:48
Toy Spark Gun SALM feat. Dan Black 3:41
Toy Spark Gun SALM feat. Dan Black 3:42
Toy Spark Gun (Botnek remix) SALM feat. Dan Black 5:16
Toy Spark Gun (Leo Kalyan remix) SALM feat. Dan Black 4:22
Toy Spark Gun (Teen Daze remix) SALM feat. Dan Black 5:13
Toy Spark Gun (The Japanese Popstars remix) SALM feat. Dan Black 6:17
Tracey's Interlude SomethingALaMode 3:26
Tracey's Interlude SomethingALaMode 3:26
Tunnel of Love SALM 4:21
Versailles no Bara SALM feat. 菊地凛子 6:02
Versailles No Bara SomethingALaMode feat. Rinko Kikuchi 6:02
Versailles No Bara (The Bloody Beetroots remix) SomethingALaMode feat. Rinko Kikuchi 3:17
Vodka Martini SomethingALaMode 4:03
Vodka Martini SomethingALaMode 4:03

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