Michael H. Brauer (engineer)

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engineer position at: Mediasound Studios in New York, New York, United States (1978 – 1984)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
GIRL IN THE BOX 〜 22時までの君は… 角松敏生 7:37
初 HATSU KOI 恋 角松敏生 6:49
Accept Me (I'm Not a Girl Anymore) Angela Bofill 3:35
All Night Makes It Right Helen Terry 4:09
Close Watch Helen Terry 3:14
Come On and Find Me Helen Terry 4:13
Feelin’ Your Heart Helen Terry 4:31
Forbidden Fruit Helen Terry 4:05
I Can See It in Your Eyes Angela Bofill 3:33
If You Let Me Stay additional Terence Trent D’Arby 3:14
Is This a Dream Angela Bofill 5:13
Love Money and Sex Helen Terry 3:39
Rainbow Inside My Heart Angela Bofill 3:39
Right in Front of You Helen Terry 3:44
Song for a Rainy Day Angela Bofill 3:40
Stuttering Helen Terry 3:58
Born to Laugh at Tornadoes Was (Not Was)
What Up, Dog? Was (Not Was)
2000-07-10 Bat Out of Hell (live, 1978-09-01: Nassau Coliseum, Hempstead, Long Island, NY, USA) Michael Brauer Meat Loaf 11:10
2000-07-10 Boléro (live intro) (live, 1978-09-01: Nassau Coliseum, Hempstead, Long Island, NY, USA) Michael Brauer Meat Loaf 3:55
"Yeah" Is What We Had Grandaddy 3:45
#9 Dream a‐ha 4:07
10th Floor Ghost Girl Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 3:33
42 Coldplay 3:57
A Foggy Day Tony Bennett 2:15
A Lack of Understanding Michael Brauer The Vaccines 2:59
A Message Coldplay 4:45
A Simple Answer (Liars remix) Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 7:59
Adelaide Ben Folds 3:13
Ain’t No Cure for Love Leonard Cohen 6:16
Alice Graham Skydiggers 3:02
All I Can Do Chantal Kreviazuk 3:37
All in White Michael Brauer The Vaccines 4:34
All of You Tony Bennett 2:35
All U Can Eat Ben Folds 3:05
All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye John Mayer 4:35
Almost Hear You Sigh The Rolling Stones 4:37
Almost Lover A Fine Frenzy 4:29
Almost Lover (instrumental) A Fine Frenzy 4:33
Almost Lover (instrumental) A Fine Frenzy 4:33
Almost Lover (radio edit) A Fine Frenzy 4:18
Almost Lover (radio edit) A Fine Frenzy 4:18
Always the Sun (Sunny Side Up mix) The Stranglers 3:59
Anthem (live, 2008-07-17: London) Leonard Cohen 7:20
Ashes and Wine A Fine Frenzy 4:20
Assassin John Mayer 5:15
Asylum Chantal Kreviazuk 4:13
Auf dem Feld Herbert Grönemeyer 3:44
Autumn Leaves / Indian Summer Tony Bennett 5:50
Bad Boy / Having a Party Luther Vandross 5:17
Bad Girls Michael Brauer Tennis 4:32
ballad of Noah k‐os 4:22
Bana Angélique Kidjo feat. Yvonne Kidjo 2:46
Be Mine Tonight Twin Shadow 3:49
Beautiful Marillion 5:12
Beautiful Delirium Various Cruelties 4:07
Before Cologne Michael Brauer Ben Folds 0:54
Beg for the Night Twin Shadow 3:42
Behavior Control Technician Fishbone 3:09
Best Shot Michael H. Bauer Birdy & Jaymes Young 2:56
Better Love Luther Vandross 6:26
Bird on the Wire Leonard Cohen 6:14
Bitch Went Nuts Michael Brauer Ben Folds 3:06
Bitches Ain’t Shit Ben Folds 4:11
Blewu Angélique Kidjo 2:50
Blow It Up Michael Brauer The Vaccines 2:39
Body and Soul Tony Bennett 3:53
Bomba Angélique Kidjo feat. Rostam Batmanglij 3:44
Boogie Street Leonard Cohen Featuring Sharon Robinson 6:57
Born Again Starsailor 6:06
Born Again (radio edit) Starsailor 4:46
Born Again Tomorrow Bon Jovi 3:33
Brainwascht Michael Brauer Ben Folds 3:49
Break the Spell The Rolling Stones 3:08
Bring My Love Starsailor 2:23
Bruised Ben Folds 4:35
Camel Ride Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 6:16
Can You Believe It Michael Brauer Martha Wainwright 3:24
Can’t Be Seen The Rolling Stones 4:10
Cauri Angélique Kidjo 2:41
Cemeteries of London Coldplay 3:21
Chances Michael H Brauer Athlete 4:53
Check In Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 3:14
Check Out Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 3:17
Circle Jerk Aerosmith 3:44
Closing Time Leonard Cohen 6:15
Cologne Michael Brauer Ben Folds 5:03
Come On Kharma 45 3:54
Come On Up to Our House Bon Jovi 4:36
Corinaldo The Jeff Lorber Fusion 4:28
Cover From the Sky Deacon Blue 3:38
Cruisin’ Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 3:45
Dance Me to the End of Love Leonard Cohen 6:20
Death and All His Friends / The Escapist Coldplay 6:19
Deine Zeit Herbert Grönemeyer 3:50
Déjà vu Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 4:18
Delivery Man Deacon Blue 4:25
Democracy Leonard Cohen 7:08
Dog Ben Folds 4:28
Don't Panic Coldplay 2:20
Don’t Panic Coldplay 2:17
Down in the Hole Skydiggers 4:25
Dr. Yang Michael Brauer Ben Folds 2:30
Drive Away Skydiggers 4:03
Ebile Angélique Kidjo feat. Kronos Quartet 3:02
Eet Regina Spektor 3:53
Effington Michael Brauer Ben Folds 3:33
El Caminos in the West Grandaddy 3:22
Emerald Tuesday Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 3:19
Empty Pool Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 4:11
Endless Grey Night Skydiggers 4:36
Equalizer k‐os 3:09
Errant Dog Michael Brauer Ben Folds 2:24
Erzähl mir von morgen Herbert Grönemeyer 4:35
Eskimo Kiss The Kooks 3:34
Eva Angélique Kidjo feat. Aṣa 3:22
Even When You Fall Skydiggers 4:05
Everlast The Jeff Lorber Fusion 5:09
Everybody Knows Leonard Cohen 5:52
Everyday Sunshine Fishbone 4:57
Everyone I Know Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 2:20
Everything’s Not Lost / Life Is for Living Coldplay 7:16
Fab Gear The Jeff Lorber Fusion 4:54
Falling Yuna 4:07
False Hope Laura Marling 3:12
Family Friend / Somebody Else’s Child Michael Brauer The Vaccines 8:30
Fernweh Herbert Grönemeyer 3:30
Fidelity Starsailor 2:22
Fight the Youth Fishbone 5:01
First We Take Manhattan Leonard Cohen 6:16
Five Seconds Twin Shadow 4:20
Fix You Coldplay 4:55
Fleur de lys Phoenix 3:44
Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words) Tony Bennett 2:57
Flying Back South This Way Up 4:36
FlyPaper k‐os 4:11
Forever, for Always, for Love Luther Vandross 6:23
Four to the Floor Starsailor 4:13
Four to the Floor Starsailor 3:52
Four to the Floor (Soulsavers mix) Starsailor 5:12
Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke mix) Starsailor 4:35
Free Coffee Michael Brauer Ben Folds 4:02
Friends, Lovers or Nothing John Mayer 5:59
Fuck the World Off The Kooks 2:53
Get Your Hands Off My Woman Ben Folds feat. Corn Mo 3:36
Ghosts of You Chantal Kreviazuk 3:58
Girl in Your Dreams M2M 3:40
Give a Little Love M2M 3:58
Glass of Water Coldplay 4:45
God Bless This Mess Bon Jovi 3:23
God's Child (Baila conmigo) Selena & David Byrne 4:16
Golden Light Twin Shadow 4:38
Gotta Serve Somebody Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 4:25
Great Unknown Various Cruelties 3:08
Grow Up So Fast Chantal Kreviazuk 3:27
gun-shy (Lindstrøm remix) Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 6:55
Gurdjieff’s Daughter Laura Marling 4:22
Half Light Michael H Brauer Athlete 3:42
Hallelujah Leonard Cohen 7:20
Hallelujah Panic! at the Disco 3:00
Happy Hour Love/Hate 3:29
Have a Heart Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 4:32
Heartbreak Warfare John Mayer 4:23
Hearts Club Band Martha Wainwright 4:21
Hearts for Sale The Rolling Stones 4:41
Hello Angélique Kidjo feat. Trio Teriba 3:28
Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye Leonard Cohen 3:47
Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head) Michael Brauer Ben Folds 3:38
Hold On to Your Hat The Rolling Stones 3:32
Hotel Valentine Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 3:42
Housekeeping Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 4:01
How’d You Like That The Kooks 3:15
I Am Sorry Michael Brauer Martha Wainwright 2:54
I Can’t Stand the Rain Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 5:08
I Don’t Care Twin Shadow 2:47
I Don’t Know Why Michael Brauer Shawn Colvin 4:37
I Left My Heart in San Francisco Tony Bennett 2:35
I Love Michael H Brauer Athlete 3:50
I Love a Piano Tony Bennett 1:57
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 4:31
I Tried to Leave You Leonard Cohen 8:33
I Wanna Get Better Bleachers 3:26
I Wanna Make an Arrest Michael Brauer Martha Wainwright 3:48
I Want You The Kooks 3:27
I Will This Way Up 3:50
I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea) John Mayer 4:03
I'm Callin’ Michael Brauer Tennis 3:35
I'm on Standby Grandaddy 3:12
I'm Ready to Move On / Wild Heart Reprise Bleachers feat. Yoko Ono 4:11
I’m Your Man Leonard Cohen 5:41
If I Can't Have You This Way Up 3:14
If I Found Out Michael H Brauer Athlete 5:04
If Only The Kooks 2:01
If You Wanna Michael Brauer The Vaccines 2:54
In Another Time Sade 5:06
In Between Days Ben Folds 2:54
In My Secret Life Leonard Cohen 5:02
Interlude: Agbabe Angélique Kidjo 0:21
Interlude: Kletedjan Angélique Kidjo 0:22
Interlude: Wayi Angélique Kidjo 0:45
Introduction Leonard Cohen 1:29
Is It Me The Kooks 3:30
It Amazes Me Tony Bennett 3:08
It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing Tony Bennett 3:38
It Had to Be You Tony Bennett 3:13
It's a Pity Skydiggers 4:54
J‐Boy Phoenix 4:07
Jackie Big Tits The Kooks 2:33
Jesus and Mary Martha Wainwright 3:41
Junk of the Heart (Happy) The Kooks 3:08
Just Another Day Skydiggers 2:53
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 4:40
Kamoushou Angélique Kidjo 3:13
Killing Me The Kooks 3:25
King Kong The Jeff Lorber Fusion feat. Jean-Luc Ponty 5:41
Knockout Bon Jovi 3:31
Kreuz meinen Weg Herbert Grönemeyer 3:46
Kulumbu Angélique Kidjo feat. Dr. John 3:43
Kylie From Connecticut Michael Brauer Ben Folds 4:43
Labor of Love Bon Jovi 5:04
Lass es uns nicht regnen Herbert Grönemeyer 3:49
Laughing With Regina Spektor 3:16
Learn to Live With What You Are Ben Folds 4:28
Leave Behind Michael Brauer Martha Wainwright 3:52
Let’s Wait Awhile Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 3:43
Lets Go the Reins This Way Up 3:51
Liar, Liar A Fine Frenzy 5:55
Life in Technicolor Coldplay 2:30
Life in Technicolor II Coldplay 4:06
Lights and Camera Yuna 3:34
Like a River Runs Bleachers 3:34
Listen and Wait Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 3:27
Living With the Ghost Bon Jovi 4:45
Lobby Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 3:59
Long Long Time Skydiggers 3:24
Long Way Home Tunde Baiyewu 4:13
Lost on Yer Merry Way Grandaddy 6:21
Lost! Coldplay 3:55
Lost+ Coldplay 4:19
Louise This Way Up 4:38
Love Is a Stranger Martha Wainwright 3:41
Lovelife Phoenix 2:31
Lovers in Japan (Osaka Sun mix) Coldplay 3:58
Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love Coldplay 6:51
Low Coldplay 5:32
M'Baamba (Kenyan Song) Angélique Kidjo 3:40
Machine Regina Spektor 3:55
Mad About You Chantal Kreviazuk 3:44
Maple Syrup Song Skydiggers 0:52
Matchbox The Kooks 3:10
Medicine Pool Kharma 45 6:11
Meter and Line Michael Brauer Tennis 2:33
MFN Michael Brauer Cibo Matto 3:28
Mirror in the Dark Twin Shadow 3:21
mirror in the Sky k‐os 3:22
Misfits Shinedown 4:05
Mo’ Greens Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 5:38
Modern Mafia Michael H Brauer Athlete 2:47
Moonglow Tony Bennett feat. k.d. lang 4:34
Moving to New York The Wombats 3:31
Mr. Nice Guy The Kooks 2:40
Music Was Saved Starsailor 3:02
Naïve The Kooks 3:24
Near to You A Fine Frenzy 4:35
Needle and a Knife Michael Brauer Tennis 3:25
Never Work for Free Michael Brauer Tennis 3:30
New Year’s Day Bon Jovi 4:27
Niger River Martha Wainwright 3:52
Night Vision Michael Brauer Tennis 4:17
Nørgaard Michael Brauer The Vaccines 1:38
Now It's On Grandaddy 4:09
Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground Coldplay 2:30
O.K. With My Decay Grandaddy 6:11
Old Devil Moon Tony Bennett 2:29
Once You Know How Luther Vandross 4:34
Ooh La The Kooks 3:29
Orisha Angélique Kidjo 3:26
Parachutes Coldplay 0:46
Patient Twin Shadow 3:25
Perch Platter Skydiggers 0:40
Petulia The Kooks 2:42
Please Sir Martyn Joseph 4:33
Political Soul Kharma 45 6:58
Post Break-Up Sex Michael Brauer The Vaccines 2:54
Postcards From Far Away Coldplay 0:48
Pray to the Junkiemaker Fishbone 4:03
Promise Me Luther Vandross 4:42
Proserpina Michael Brauer Martha Wainwright 4:06
Prospekt’s March / Poppyfields Coldplay 3:39
Radio Star Michael Brauer Martha Wainwright 3:58
Radio Waves Skydiggers 2:33
Rags to Riches Tony Bennett 1:24
Rainy Day Coldplay 3:26
Rangers A Fine Frenzy 4:34
Raptor The Jeff Lorber Fusion 5:46
Recitation w/ N.L. Leonard Cohen 3:53
Reckless Love Bleachers 3:02
Rent a Cop Ben Folds 5:09
Rescue Yuna 3:46
Restless Heart Starsailor 2:02
Reunion Bon Jovi 4:14
Rock and a Hard Place The Rolling Stones 5:25
Role Model Phoenix 4:36
Roller Coaster Bon Jovi 3:40
Rollercoaster Bleachers 3:08
Rosie The Kooks 3:11
Run My Heart Twin Shadow 4:38
Runaway The Kooks 3:01
Sad Sad Sad The Rolling Stones 3:36
Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World Grandaddy 3:52
Sarasota Sunset Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 4:00
Saving My Face KT Tunstall 3:38
Scars on This Guitar Bon Jovi 5:06
Schiffsverkehr Herbert Grönemeyer 3:57
Seaside The Kooks 1:39
See the World The Kooks 2:38
Shadow Bleachers 3:51
Shango Wa Angélique Kidjo 3:49
Shark Food Starsailor 3:37
She Loves Me Back Luther Vandross 6:10
She Moves in Her Own Way The Kooks 2:49
Shiver Coldplay 5:00
Silence is Easy Starsailor 3:40
Since I Lost My Baby Luther Vandross 5:28
Sisters of Mercy Leonard Cohen 4:56
Sleeping Ute (Nicolas Jaar remix) Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 7:49
Slip Slidin’ Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 3:59
Slipping Away The Rolling Stones 4:29
Smiling Face M2M 4:14
Smothering Green Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 6:30
So Cold Chantal Kreviazuk 2:20
So Long, Marianne Leonard Cohen 5:24
So Many Friends Martha Wainwright 3:25
So Many Millions Fishbone 5:50
So wie ich Herbert Grönemeyer 19:27
Sofa Song The Kooks 2:13
Solar on the Rise Michael Brauer Tennis 3:08
Solar Wind The Jeff Lorber Fusion feat. Larry Koonse 4:58
Some of Us Starsailor 3:40
Some People Michael Brauer Martha Wainwright 3:11
Songs of Love Ben Folds 3:38
Sparks Coldplay 3:47
Speak Low Tony Bennett 3:10
Speed of Sound Coldplay 4:48
Spies Coldplay 5:19
Spin Around Bad Candy 2:45
Spoke in Tongues Chantal Kreviazuk 3:13
Square One Coldplay 4:47
Steppin’ Out With My Baby Tony Bennett 3:12
Still / Bitches Ain’t Shit (reprise) Ben Folds 7:47
Strawberry Swing Coldplay 4:10
Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake Grandaddy 3:44
Street Map Michael H Brauer Athlete 4:41
Subway Aerosmith 3:29
Sunday Morning k‐os 3:47
Sunless Saturday Fishbone 4:18
Suzanne Leonard Cohen 3:46
Swallowed in the Sea Coldplay 3:59
Take It From Me Michael Brauer Roger Christian 3:23
Take It From Me (extended version) Michael Brauer Roger Christian 5:25
Take Me Away Bleachers feat. Grimes 2:30
Take This Waltz Leonard Cohen 8:37
Taken Down (Marfa demo) Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 5:11
Taking Pictures of You The Kooks 2:42
Talk (album version) Coldplay 5:11
Tell Me Why This Way Up 3:59
Telling Them Starsailor 4:51
Terrifying The Rolling Stones 4:54
That’s the Way It Should Be Michael Brauer Booker T. & The MG’s 3:23
The Believers Deacon Blue 3:38
The Calculation Regina Spektor 3:11
The Devil’s in the Temple Bon Jovi 3:19
The Final Push to the Sum Grandaddy 4:23
The Frown Song Michael Brauer Ben Folds 3:38
The Future Leonard Cohen 7:20
The George Song Martha Wainwright 3:36
The Girl I Love (a.k.a. The Man I Love) Tony Bennett 4:00
The Go in the Go-For-It Grandaddy 3:40
The Golden Calf Prefab Sprout 5:06
The Good Life / I Wanna Be Around Tony Bennett 3:21
The Group Who Couldn't Say Grandaddy 4:04
The Gypsy’s Wife Leonard Cohen 6:42
The Hardest Part Coldplay 4:25
The One Twin Shadow 3:18
The Promise When in Rome 3:41
The Rain k‐os 3:52
The Steppe The Jeff Lorber Fusion 5:20
The Warming Sun Grandaddy 5:44
There Will Be Time Michael H Brauer Mumford & Sons with Baaba Maal 4:29
There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You Ben Folds 4:12
They Can’t Take That Away From Me Tony Bennett feat. Elvis Costello 3:27
This House Is Not for Sale Bon Jovi 3:37
This Isn’t My Song Michael Brauer Tennis 3:32
Til Kingdom Come Coldplay 4:12
Time Above the Earth The Kooks 1:54
Time's Up Love/Hate 3:39
Time’s Up Love/Hate 3:39
Timothy Michael Brauer Tennis 4:08
Toss & Turn Skydiggers 2:54
Tourist Michael H Brauer Athlete 4:00
Tower of Song Leonard Cohen 7:07
Trading Air Michael H Brauer Athlete 4:29
Trouble Coldplay 4:31
Trouble Coldplay 4:32
Twenty Four Hours Michael H Brauer Athlete 5:04
Twist and Shout Deacon Blue 3:35
Twisted Logic Coldplay 5:02
Two Birds Regina Spektor 3:19
Under Your Thumb Michael Brauer The Vaccines 2:20
Unfassbarer Grund Herbert Grönemeyer 2:54
Valhalla k‐os 4:16
Via Veneto Phoenix 2:42
Violet Hill Coldplay 3:43
Viv Without the N Michael Brauer Tennis 3:45
Viva la Vida Coldplay 4:01
Waiting for the Sun Chantal Kreviazuk 3:48
Wake Me Bleachers 2:45
Wäre ich einfach nur feige Herbert Grönemeyer 3:31
Wasted in America Love/Hate 3:45
Wasted in America Love/Hate 3:44
We Never Change Coldplay 4:09
Wendy House Chantal Kreviazuk 6:09
Wetsuit Michael Brauer The Vaccines 3:50
What Do You See? Skydiggers 2:55
What If Coldplay 4:57
When Joanna Loved Me Tony Bennett 3:16
When the Movie’s Over Twin Shadow 3:58
White Dove Starsailor 3:55
White Shadows Coldplay 5:28
Whither Thou Goest Leonard Cohen 1:27
Who by Fire Leonard Cohen 6:35
Who I Want You to Love Bleachers 4:51
Who Says John Mayer 2:56
Wild Heart Bleachers 3:21
Will Calls Michael Brauer Grizzly Bear 6:51
Wires Michael H Brauer Athlete 4:21
Wolf Pack Michael Brauer The Vaccines 2:23
Wonderful Chantal Kreviazuk 3:32
Wounded Heart Michael Brauer Tennis 1:48
Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) Michael Brauer The Vaccines 1:23
X&Y Coldplay 4:34
Yellow Coldplay 4:29
Yes / Chinese Sleep Chant Coldplay 7:07
Yesterday Threw Everything at Me Michael H Brauer Athlete 3:48
You Blame Yourself Chantal Kreviazuk 4:08
You Call Me On Twin Shadow 3:31
You Don’t Know Me Michael Brauer Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor 3:11
You Picked Me A Fine Frenzy 4:23
You're Still a Mystery Bleachers 4:24
You've Got a Lot of Nerve Skydiggers 3:39
You’ll Be Back Jimmy Fallon & The Roots 4:10
You’re All the World to Me Tony Bennett 2:16
You’re the Sweetest One Luther Vandross 4:47
Your Swaying Arms Deacon Blue 4:13
Zu Dir Herbert Grönemeyer 3:57
Acoustic Citsuoca My Morning Jacket
Album Sampler Kharma 45
Cannibals With Cutlery Michael Brauer To Kill a King
Comfort of Strangers Beth Orton
Comfort of Strangers Beth Orton
Comfort of Strangers Beth Orton
Comfort of Strangers (limited edition, copy controlled) Beth Orton
Flying Colors (Limited edition) Flying Colors
I Tried to Rock You but You Only Roll Leona Naess
Marc Broussard Marc Broussard
Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too New Radicals
Mother Michael H Bauer Natalie Maines
Never Trust a Happy Song Grouplove
Octavarium Dream Theater
Octavarium Dream Theater
Octavarium Dream Theater
Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Dream Theater
Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Dream Theater
Songs for Silverman Ben Folds
Songs for Silverman Ben Folds
Sumday Grandaddy
Sumday Grandaddy
The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6: Live 1964: Concert at Philharmonic Hall Bob Dylan
The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6: Live 1964: Concert at Philharmonic Hall Bob Dylan
The Bootleg Series, Vol. 6: Live 1964: Concert at Philharmonic Hall Bob Dylan
Drag My Bad Name Down additional The 4 of Us 2:51
Fool for Temptation additional The 4 of Us 3:44
Mary additional The 4 of Us 3:36
The Promise When in Rome 3:41
Bad Boy / Having a Party Luther Vandross 5:17
Better Love Luther Vandross 6:26
Forever, for Always, for Love Luther Vandross 6:23
Once You Know How Luther Vandross 4:34
Promise Me Luther Vandross 4:42
She Loves Me Back Luther Vandross 6:10
Since I Lost My Baby Luther Vandross 5:28
You’re the Sweetest One Luther Vandross 4:47
Bionic Boogie assistant Bionic Boogie
4th Time Around (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 4:37
Absolutely Sweet Marie (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 4:57
Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 6:33
Burst Shelleyan Orphan 4:38
Chocolate Girl Deacon Blue 3:17
Drag My Bad Name Down The 4 of Us 2:51
Dublin Prefab Sprout 3:42
Family Man (extended version) Roachford 6:12
Fool for Temptation The 4 of Us 3:44
Gates of Eden (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 5:43
Heaven Can Wait (12" version) Paul Young 6:40
I Want You (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 3:08
If You Let Me Stay Terence Trent D’Arby 3:14
Is This a Dream Angela Bofill 5:13
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 4:14
It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 7:32
Just Like a Woman (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 4:54
Leopard‐Skin Pill‐Box Hat (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 4:00
Limit's Of Love Michael Brauer Noriyuki Makihara ?:??
Long Day in the Universe (remix) The Darling Buds 4:09
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 2:54
Maggie’s Farm (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 3:58
Mary The 4 of Us 3:36
Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 3:30
Mr. Tambourine Man (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 5:34
Nightingales (12" version) Prefab Sprout 7:26
Nightingales (edit) Prefab Sprout 4:02
Nightingales (full version) Prefab Sprout 5:46
Obviously 5 Believers (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 3:37
On the Road Again (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 2:38
One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 4:56
Outlaw Blues (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 3:07
Pearly Gates Prefab Sprout 5:29
Pledging My Time (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 3:50
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 4:38
Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 11:20
Secret Heaven Michael Brauer Noriyuki Makihara ?:??
She Belongs to Me (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 2:50
Shining Road (Brauer mix) Cranes 3:53
Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 7:06
Subterranean Homesick Blues (stereo remix #2) Bob Dylan 2:25
Temporary Like Achilles (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 5:07
Visions of Johanna (stereo remix #4) Bob Dylan 7:34
You Weren’t There (remix) Lene Marlin 5:52