transient (electronic/IDM producer Carl Martin)

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Carl Martin aka Transient has been producing electronic music since 1994 and non-electronic music since his young years. Through the local BBS scene he was introduced to tracking software, and is still using trackers as his basic composition tool to this day. He has a discography spanning more then 40 releases in a multitude of genres. Aside from a load of netlabel and some commericial releases Transient runs 'Noisy Vagabond', a web site to distribute his 'extra material' like mini-albums made with a Palm handheld and other oddities, and his twisted artwork. He is currently working on an album to be released on Apegenine Records. Carl spends most of his time fine tuning his art and music skills, and taking lots of hikes in upstate New York.

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Legal name: Carl Martin (Ambient, electronica artist known as Transient)

Also performs as: beat.dowsing (Downtempo, Triphop), Harmonic Defiance




Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2001 The Conceptual World Is Losing Its Grip transient 1
2002 Future Jazz Played Underwater transient 1
2004 Endless Towers transient 1
2004 Over the River and Through the Woods transient 1
2006 Hexual Ceiling transient 1
2013 Chiquesalunga transient 1


Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2002 White Blazes transient 1
2003 No War EP transient 1
2003 Ancient EP transient 1
2004 Humid Genie transient 1
2004 Magnets EP transient 1
2004 The Little # Eats the Big # EP transient 1
2005 Be EP transient 1
2005 quietest ep transient 1
2005 waveform ep transient 1
2005 Work EP transient 1
2005 Palm Cuts, Volume 1 transient 1
2005 Palm Cuts, Volume 2 transient 1
2005 Palm Cuts, Volume 3 transient 1
2005 Palm Cuts, Volume 4 transient 1
2005 Palm Cuts, Volume 5 transient 1
2005 Palm Cuts, Volume 6 transient 1
2005 Quieter transient 1
2006 Pxsswxrd transient 1
2006 songs ep transient 1
2008 A Sudden Soft Implosion of Noiselessness transient 1
2009 Bright Epressing Time transient / Violent Public Disorderaz 1
2010 Green Butter EP transient 1
2013 Symphony of Curves EP transient 1


Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2005 Live @ Apegenine Launch Party transient 1

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