Andrew Cronshaw

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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Blood and Gold / Mohacs bombarde, dizi and tin whistle Silly Sisters 3:51
Bridal March concertina and percussion Andrew Cronshaw 1:38
Chall ò ro hì - There Are Deer on the Slope of the Rolling Mist fujara Andrew Cronshaw 2:05
Ema haual / Hällilaul gong and kantele Andrew Cronshaw 6:16
From the Shoulder of the Great Bear jew's harp, quena, shawm, tin whistle, whistle and wind instruments Andrew Cronshaw 6:03
Halullinen sielu / Käin minä kaunista concertina, shawm, tambourine, whistle and zither Andrew Cronshaw 4:23
Hedger and Ditcher concertina Silly Sisters 2:44
Hullu Sakari zither Andrew Cronshaw 5:18
Hymn from Lapinjoki Village whistle Andrew Cronshaw 1:11
Itku polska (2) zither Andrew Cronshaw 5:58
Kiittäkäät herraa wind instruments Andrew Cronshaw 3:12
Maid in Bedlam (electric zither version) zither Andrew Cronshaw 1:41
Maid in Bedlam (moldavian flute version) flute Andrew Cronshaw 1:43
Pity the Boy zither Ralph McTell 3:35
Rakkain Jesu concertina, wind instruments and zither Andrew Cronshaw 6:15
Song of the Beavers triangle and whistle Andrew Cronshaw 5:31
The Vale of Keppoch Is Desolate whistle Andrew Cronshaw 0:45
Like the Last Drop Natacha Atlas 8:25
fRoots 53 Various Artists
1971 The Week Before Easter (1971) June Tabor 4:16