Boy George

~ Person


collaborator on (as George O’Dowd): Ferry Aid
member of: Culture Club (harmonica, lead vocals)
Jesus Loves You (lead vocals)
performs as: The Twin (Boy George alias)
performs as (as George O’Dowd): Angela Dust
founded: More Protein
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Poptartz Various Artists
No Clause 28 (Emilio Pasquez Remixes) George O’Dowd Boy George
No Clause 28 (Emilio Pasquez Remixes) George O’Dowd Boy George
Believin' It All
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (Violent Femmes version) George O’Dowd
No Clause 28 George O’Dowd
Passing Friend George O’Dowd
Use Me George O’Dowd
Wanna Hurt Mase? George O’Dowd
Why Go?
No Clause 28 George O’Dowd
2 Times (original extended mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Ann Lee 3:46
9 PM (Till I Come) (Sequential One 1999 remix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) ATB 3:28
1999 (Gouryella remix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Binary Finary 3:56
Angel (Tall Paul remix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Tina Cousins 3:54
Better Off Alone (vocal club mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Alice DeeJay 4:25
Big Love (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Pete Heller's Big Love 6:39
Born Funky 99 (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Kinky Roland 5:57
Can't Get Enough (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Soulsearcher 2:43
Don’t Stop (X‐Cabs mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) ATB 3:54
Dr Love (Smokin Beats club mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Smokin Beats 3:00
Everyday (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Agnelli & Nelson 4:27
Feel Good (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Phats & Small 3:18
Feel the Same (Xtended mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Triple X 4:04
Feeling It Too (Phats & Small Mutant disco mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) The 3 Jays 3:14
Filthy Mind (Boy George & Kinky Roland Trancesexual mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Amanda Ghost 4:30
Get Get Down (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Paul Johnson 3:42
Grooveline (Matt Darey mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Blockster 2:13
In & Out of My Life (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) OnePhatDeeva 3:06
Itza Trumpet Thing (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Montano vs. Trumpet Man 2:01
King of Snake (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Underworld 3:28
Liberation (Temptation Fly Like an Angel) (Matt Darey mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Mash Up 5:14
Makes Me Love You (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Eclipse 6:23
Not Over Yet ’99 (Matt Darey remix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Planet Perfecto feat. Grace 5:21
Nothing for Nothing (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Eve Gallagher 3:25
Ohh La La (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) The Wiseguys 3:14
On the Run (Big Ron mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Big Time Charlie 3:27
Red Alert (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Basement Jaxx 4:41
Red Sun Rising (Lange mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Lost Witness 4:13
Right Here Right Now (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Fatboy Slim 4:19
Sing it Back (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Moloko 4:41
Sugar Dumb Dumb (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Boogie Macs 2:12
Sun Is Shining (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Bob Marley vs. Funkstar De Luxe 5:15
Sunshine & Happiness (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Nerio's Dubwork feat. Darryl Pandy 3:12
Sweet Like Chocolate (Ruff Driverz vocal mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Shanks & Bigfoot 3:26
Synth & Strings (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Wand 3:06
To Be in Love (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) India 4:41
U Don’t Know Me (original club mix) (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Armand van Helden feat. Duane Harden 3:15
Under the Water (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Brother Brown feat. Frank'ee 3:27
What You Need (part of a “Galaxy Mix” DJ‐mix) Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden 3:42
A Night Out With Boy George: A DJ Mix Various Artists medium 1 and medium 2 Boy George
Closet Classics, Volume 2 Boy George
Dance Nation 4 medium 2 Various Artists
Dance Nation 5 medium 2 Various Artists
Essential Mix Boy George
Galaxy Mix medium 1 and medium 2 Boy George
Galaxy Weekend medium 1 Boy George & Allister Whitehead
Ministry of Sound: The Annual 1999–2000 medium 2 Tom Novy & Boy George
Poptartz medium 3 Various Artists
The Annual medium 1 Boy George and Pete Tong
The Annual II medium 2 Pete Tong & Boy George
The Annual III medium 2 Pete Tong & Boy George
The Annual IV medium 2 Judge Jules & Boy George
The House Collection, Volume 2 medium 1 Boy George / Jon of the Pleased Wimmin / Tony De Vit
The Ibiza Annual medium 2 Judge Jules / Boy George
American Heart (feat. Boy George) (The Revenge remix) Bliss 7:49
Auto Erotic (Waterbed mix) (feat. Boy George) Dark Globe 4:43
Autoerotic (Rotik mix) Dark Globe feat. Boy George 4:53
Bad Girl James Hardway with Amanda Ghost feat. Boy George 4:58
Out of Fashion Boy George 6:41
Out of Fashion (part of “Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session: Summer Collection 2003” DJ‐mix) Hi‐Gate feat. Boy George 3:57
Psychology of a Dreamer (feat. Boy George) Eddie Lock 4:07
Run Sash! feat. Boy George 3:54
The Crying Game Boy George 3:22
Who Am I Today (feat. Boy George) Erick Morillo 4:10
Why Go (Faithless mix 1) (part of a “MoS: The Annual 1999–2000” DJ‐mix) guest Faithless feat. Boy George 5:42
American Heart George O’Dowd guest Bliss feat. Boy George & Alexandra Hamnede 6:36
Boy, Boy (I’m the Boy) lead vocals Culture Club 3:50
Come Clean lead vocals Culture Club 3:20
Crying Game Boy George 3:21
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me lead vocals Culture Club 4:24
God Thank You Woman lead vocals Culture Club 4:15
Gusto Blusto lead vocals Culture Club 4:41
Heaven’s Children lead vocals Culture Club 4:44
I Pray lead vocals Culture Club 4:01
I’ll Tumble 4 Ya lead vocals Culture Club 2:36
I’ll Tumble 4 Ya (US 12″ remix) lead vocals Culture Club 4:38
I’m Afraid of Me (remix) lead vocals Culture Club 3:17
Karma Chameleon lead vocals Culture Club 4:13
Love Twist lead vocals Culture Club feat. Captain Crucial 4:23
More Than Likely background vocals P.M.Dawn 4:19
Move Away lead vocals Culture Club 4:22
Reasons lead vocals Culture Club 4:36
Run (Rough mix) Sash! 3:54
Sexuality lead vocals Culture Club 5:28
Somebody to Love Me Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Boy George & Andrew Wyatt 4:58
Take Control lead vocals Culture Club 3:11
Too Bad lead vocals Culture Club 4:37
White Boy (dance mix) lead vocals Culture Club 4:41
White Boys Can’t Control It lead vocals Culture Club 3:43
Why Go (radio edit) Faithless feat. Boy George 3:49
Why Go? Faithless 3:58
Why Go... (Ferry Corsten radio edit) Faithless 4:15
Work on Me Baby lead vocals Culture Club 4:06
You Are My Sister guest and lead vocals Antony and the Johnsons 4:00
You Are My Sister guest and lead vocals Antony and the Johnsons ?:??
You Know I’m Not Crazy lead vocals Culture Club 3:36
After the Love Jesus Loves You
Sold Boy George
Why Go? Faithless feat. Boy George
A Boy Called Alice George O’Dowd
After Dark
Am I Losing Control O'Dowd
Amazing Grace
American Boyz O’Dowd
Any Road George O’Dowd
Are You Too Afraid? George O’Dowd
Big Dark Man (Waiting) George O’Dowd
Bigger Than War George O’Dowd
Black Money George O’Dowd
Boy-Boy, (I'm the Boy) George O’Dowd
Brand New
Changing Every Day George O’Dowd
Cheapness and Beauty
Church of the Poison Mind George O’Dowd
Colour by Numbers George O’Dowd
Come Clean George O’Dowd
Crime Time George O’Dowd
Dangerous Man George O’Dowd
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me George O’Dowd
Don't Cry George O’Dowd
Don't Go Down That Street George O’Dowd
Don't Talk About It George O’Dowd
Evil Is So Civilised
Feel the Vibration George O’Dowd
Freedom George O’Dowd
From Luxury to Heartache George O’Dowd
Genocide Peroxide
Girl With Combination Skin George O’Dowd
Girlfriend George O’Dowd
God Don't Hold a Grudge
God Thank You Woman George O’Dowd
Gusto Blusto George O’Dowd
Happy Family O’Dowd
Heaven's Children George O’Dowd
Hello Goodbye George O’Dowd
Here Come the Girls
Human Racing
I Asked for Love George O’Dowd
I Go Where I Go George O’Dowd
I Just Wanna Be Loved George O’Dowd
I Love You George O’Dowd
I Pray George O’Dowd
I'll Tumble 4 Ya George O’Dowd
I'm Afraid of Me (remix) George O’Dowd
I'm Not Sleeping Anymore George O’Dowd
If I Could Fly
If I Were You
Il Adore
It's a Miracle George O’Dowd
It's Easy George O’Dowd
Just Ain't Enough George O’Dowd
Karma Chameleon George O’Dowd
Keep Me in Mind George O’Dowd
Kill the A&R
King of Everything George O’Dowd
Kipsy George O’Dowd
La Cancion de Guerra George O’Dowd
Leave in Love George O’Dowd
Let the Whole World Feel It
Lies George O’Dowd
Live Your Life George O’Dowd
Look Pon U
Love and Danger George O’Dowd
Love Is Cold (You Were Never No Good) George O’Dowd
Love Is Leaving
Love Is Love
Love Twist George O’Dowd
Mama Never Knew George O’Dowd
Man Shake George O’Dowd
Mannequin George O’Dowd
Miss Me Blind George O’Dowd
Mistake No. 3 George O’Dowd
Mister Man George O’Dowd
Move Away George O’Dowd
Murder Rap Trap George O’Dowd
My God George O’Dowd
My Star George O’Dowd
Mystery Boy
Nice and Slow George O’Dowd
Out of Fashion
Play Me George O’Dowd
Psychology of the Dreamer
Ragga Music
Reasons George O’Dowd
Same Thing in Reverse
Satans Butterfly Ball
Sensoo No Uta George O’Dowd
Sexuality George O’Dowd
Sold George O’Dowd
Something Strange Called Love George O’Dowd
State of Love George O’Dowd
Stormkeeper George O’Dowd
Take Control George O’Dowd
That's the Way (I'm Only Trying to Help You) George O’Dowd
The Dive George O’Dowd
The Medal Song George O’Dowd
The War Song George O’Dowd
Time (Clock of the Heart) George O’Dowd
Time Machine
To Be Reborn George O’Dowd
Too Bad George O’Dowd
Turn 2 Dust
Turn On a Little Light for Me George O’Dowd
Unfinished Business
Unfortunate Thing George O’Dowd
Victims George O’Dowd
We've Got the Right George O’Dowd
When Will You Learn George O’Dowd
Where Are You Now? George O’Dowd
Whether They Like It or Not George O’Dowd
Whisper George O’Dowd
White Boy George O’Dowd
White Boys Can't Control It George O’Dowd
Work on Me Baby George O’Dowd
Yes We Can
You Are My Heroin George O’Dowd
You Know I'm Not Crazy George O’Dowd
Your Kisses Are Charity
Your Love Is What I Am