Artist Type Gender Rating
(swedish) death polka Group
Accrophone Group
Aeternam Group
Akena Lohamba Okoko Person Male
Alazif Group
Albert Chamberland (Canadian violinist/composer/conductor) Person Male
Aleon (Aleon Music) Person Male
Alexandre Beaulieu Person Male
Alice Robitaille Person Female
Alys Robi Person Female
André Bouchard (Canadian (Québecois) traditional musician; button accordionist and composer) Person Male
André Jobin (operatic tenor) Person Male
Andrée Watters Person Female
Andrée Watters‐Michaud Person Female
Arbee (Canadian experimental IDM artist) Person Male
Arcania Fades Group
Arthur Leblanc (Violoniste) Person Male
Atroce (Quebec city Death Metal band) Group
Autodidacts Group
Behind the Revolver Group
Bernard Labadie Person Male
Bette & Wallet Group
Bob Walsh Person Male
Bronco (Psychedelic rock and blues band from Quebec) Group
Bruno Pelletier Person Male
Casual Rites Group
Chasse-Galerie (black metal band from Quebec) Group
Christian Bouchard Person Male
Christian Pacaud (OverClocked ReMixer) Person Male
Chucky Macdonald Group
Claire Pottinger-Schmidt Person Female
CrackGate Group
Cyrille Duquet (Orfèvre, flûtiste et inventeur québécois) Person Male
Daedalean Complex Group
Dahmer (Canadian grindcore) Group
Dance Laury Dance Group
Dany Wiseman Person Male
Délicate Altercation Group
Dépérir Group
Deviant Process Group
Diane Tell Person Female
Echo Kitty Group
Edwin Bélanger Person Male
Emael (Hip Hop Qc) Person Male
Ernest Gagnon Person Male
Escarre Group
Everything Against Them Group
F.R. Scott (poet, political intellectual) Person Male
Fjord (Canadian Electronic Duo) Group
Forgotten Tales Group
Forteresse Group
François Brassard Person Male
François Couture (Canadian composer/arranger/musician) Person Male
François Pérusse Person Male
From Dying Suns Group
Furious (Canadian Heavy Metal band) Group
Gaetan Roy Person Male
Geneviève Castrée Person Female
Georges-Émile Tanguay Person Male
Get the Shot Group
GFK Group
Gouroux (Formerly known as Les Gouroux du Rock) Group
Guillaume Sirois Person Male
Gustave Gagnon Person Male
Guy Bélanger (Canadian tenor, opera director, composer and conductor) Person Male
Hate It Too Group
Henri Gagnon Person Male
Hillward Group
I.No Group
Irish Moutarde Group
Iron Trap Group
Jacques Normand (Canadian singer) Person Male
Jacynthe Person Female
Jesse Proteau Person Male
Jocelyne Binet Person Female
John Megill Person Male
Jorane Person Female
Joseph Vézina Person Male
Joseph-Arthur Bernier Person Male
Kalil Mnasri (Hip Hop Qc) Person Male
Keith Kouna Person Male
Kevin Saint‐Laurent Person Male
KNLO Person Male
L Parano Person Male
La Fanfare Pourpour Group
Late Night Munchies Group
Le Cat Scat Band Group
Les Indiens Group
Les Secrétaires Volantes Group
Les Violons du Roy Orchestra
Liliane Garnier Person Female
Luc Beauchemin Person Male
Luxtryxe Group
Mamegirare Trio Group
Manahil Group
Manu Militari Person Male
MAP (Groupe punk Québecois) Group
Marc Bélanger (Canadian violinist and conductor) Person Male
Marc-André Gingras Person Male
Marième Person Female