Artist Type Gender Rating
A Road to Damascus Group
A Sun Traverse (Doom Metal) Group
Aage Haugland Person Male
AC/DC Jam Group
Ache (1968 Danish rock group) Group
Acorn Falling Group
Adam Oehlenschläger Person Male
Adrianus Petit Coclico Person Male
Aksel Stadel Borum (Drummer) Person Male
Albert Linder Person Male
Alex Index Person Male
Alexander Descroix Person Male
Alice Carreri Pardeilhan Person Female
Alice Rose (Danish violinist and vocalist) Person Female
Allan Sørensen Person Male
Alphabeat (Danish indie-pop band) Group
Alucarda (Doom/fuzz/punk/rock band from Copenhagen) Group
Amalie Bruun Person Female
Amir El-Falaki (Danish vocalist) Person Male
Anagram (Danish metal band) Group
Anastasia Kristensen (House producer) Person Female
Anders “Anden” Matthesen Person Male
Anders Holst Person Male
Anders Koppel Person Male
Andi Müller Person Male
Andreas Brantelid (cellist) Person Male
Andreas Peter Berggreen Person Male
Andria (Alternative electronic, dream pop, synth-pop, indie) Group
Anëk (DJ/Producer duo) Group
Angantyr Group
Anja Tietze Lahrmann Person Female
Ann-Brit Mathisen Person Female
Anna Nielsen (Danish actress/mezzo-soprano) Person Female
Anna Sne Person Female
Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Person Female
Antenne Group
Anton Eger Person Male
Anton Rée (Danish pianist) Person Male
Anton Svendsen Person Male
Arne Herløv Petersen Person Male
Arne Würgler Person Male
Astrid Engberg Person Female
Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen Group
Atoi Group
Atomfax Group
August Winding Person Male
Aura Dione Person Female
Axel Gade Person Male
Baba Black Group
Baby Woodrose Group
Babylove & The Van Dangos Group
Bag Fjendens Linjer Group
Battalion (Danish thrash metal) Group
Battle (Denmark) Group
Bawl (Rap) Character Male
Belmond Thunders Group
Benal Group
Benedict Greebe Person Male
Bengt Burg Person Male
Benjamin Feddersen Person Male
Bent Axen Person Male
Bent Warburg (actor and musician) Person Male
Bernhard Lewkovitch Person Male
Betting on The Mouse Group
Bikini (Danish pop-band consisting of 2 girls) Group
Bikstok Røgsystem Group
Billy Moore, Jr. (40s US composer/arranger) Person Male
Bindu (danish artist) Person Male
Birgit Brüel (ESC 1965 for Denmark) Person Female
Birthgiving Toad Group
Bjarne Reuter (Danish writer and screenwriter) Person Male
Black City Group
Black Wreath Group
Blondage (ex-Rangleklods) Group
Bo Gunge Person Male
Bo Stief Person Male
Boat Man Love Group
Boom Clap Bachelors Group
Børn fra børnehaven Bellmansgade Group
Bought Landings Group
Brothers Moving Group
Cæsar (Danish folk singer Bjarne Bøgesø Rasmussen) Person Male
CALLmeKAT Person Female
Cancer (Danish pop group) Group
Carl Brisson Person Male
Carl Christian Lumbye Person Male
Carl Frederic Aagaard (Danish graphic artist) Person Male
Carl Nielsen (Danish composer) Person Male
Carsten Bo (Carsten Bo Jensen) Person Male
Carsten Eskelund Person Male
CAS (Danish rapper) Person Male
Caspar Johannes Boye Person Male
Ceoneo Group
Cherry Overdrive Group
Childrenn Group
ChilouX Person Male
Choir of Young Believers Group
Chorus Grant Group