Artist Type Gender Rating
? and the Mysterians Group
Alicia Warrington Person Female
Bedlam (US horrorcore band) Group
Cherry Slush Group
Flowers, Fruit & Pretty Things Group
Gerald Marks Person Male
Gordy Garris Person Male
Kiyoshi (rapper) Person Male
L.J. Reynolds (Larry James Reynolds) Person Male
Last Night Saved My Life Group
Mind Altering Substance Group
Paul Abler Person Male
Prozak (US rapper Steven T. Shippy) Person Male
Richard Burmer Person Male
Second Best Group
Serena Williams Person Female
Sharrie Williams Person Female
Stevie Wonder Person Male
Stewart Francke Person Male
The Bells of Rhymny Group
The Bossmen Group
Theodore Roethke (American poet) Person Male
Todd Michael Hall Person Male