Label Type CodeBegin End Rating
[soundcolours] Imprint LC 15651
4-tune records LC 03553
8.3Musik LC 29313
117 Records (German label, founded by C-Rebell-um & Guido Weiland) Production LC 12270 2001-07
200 (Techno label)
Alive (AL!VE) Distributor
Alive AG Distributor
Area 221 (DE electronic music compilations and mixes) 1998 2003
Bastei Lübbe AG (holding company; don't add releases here) Holding 1953
Big Lake LC 14380
Burtz Media
Chez Muziek
Dabbelju Music LC 05644
Disco Galaxy Recordings
Eat the Beat Records Original Production
Eigelstein Musikproduktion
Ernst Original Production 1998
Evosonic Records Publisher 2016-06-01
Formic Distribution Distributor 1995 2003
Frutex Tracks Production LC 30360
Holy Chaos Recordings (German HipHop Label from Cologne.) Distributor LC 02041 1990
i.corrupt Records Production 2009
iDirty Records
Incroyable Music Original Production 2014
Intuition Music & Media GmbH
Intuition Records
June Audio Production LC 02144 1990 1999
Klappstuhl Records
Loopcode Publishing Publisher
M. Schloss Publisher
Maxi Media LC 06748
MORE Music and Media GmbH & Co. KG Holding
Music for Millions Original Production LC 30393 2013-08
Negabass (German hip-hop label) Distributor
None Shall Defy Production
Nova Recordings (99-05 German independant) Original Production 1999 2005
Originalton West LC 08948
Overstolz Tonträger Original Production LC 11727 2002-02-21 [unknown]
Pänz Musik LC 33237
Phoenix Upliftment Records 2006
Pointsoft (Software Distributor, now named Backtogames) Distributor
Poise Original Production LC 02189
pop-A-musik Publisher
Quadro Entertainment GmbH
Qwer Records
Riot City (electronic, catalog ids: Pop*) Original Production
Schnittmenge Tonträger Original Production 2012-04-01
Schubert Records Imprint LC 07865
Telrae 2010
Urthona Original Production 1995 [unknown]
Vogelsang Musik Verlag (Die Vogelsang Musik GmbH ist im Besitz der Marken- und Vermarktungsrechte der Kölner Musikgruppe Höhner) Publisher
Wadada Records
WePLAY Music and Management (German house label) Production LC 24224 2008