Artist Type Gender Rating
A4 Brass Quartet Group
Akio Dāku Person Male
Alan Halsall (actor) Person Male
Alec Evans (conductor) Person Male
Andrew Ellis (actor) Person Male
Armageddon Stereo (UK Nu-Metal) Group
Bear Trap Group
Besses o’ th’ Barn Band Group
Bill Sykes (Manchester hip hop) Person Male
Burning From The Inside Group
Callow Youth Group
Christabel Pankhurst Person Female
David Lloyd George (Prime Minister) Person Male
Free Reign (English Rock Band) Group
Horse Opera (Americana/folk band) Group
John Rath (bass-baritone) Person Male
Kill Pretty (Ian Moss vocalist with the legendary Hamsters, Chris Dutton also in Blue Orchids, Josh Dutton his son, and Mike Leigh who drummed with The Fall) Group
Kintsuku (Ellie Jones) Person Female
Kiran Leonard (Oldham, UK composer and musician) Person Male
Laura Danielle Sharp Person Female
Laura White Person Female
Leanne Brown Person Female
Loftt Person Male
Mike O’Neill (British pianist/keyboarder and singer) Person Male
Monaco Group
NK Theatre Arts Other Other
Pale Waves Group
Paris Angels Group
Persia (rapper from Manchester, UK) Person Female
Pro P Person Male
Robert Donat Person Male
Rocketship Forest Group
Rodge Glass Person Male
Sinister Chuckles Group
Swamp Children Group
Swine (Swine: Swinton, UK - 4 piece) Group
The CWS Manchester band Group
The Factotums Group
Tio Rico Group
Victor Michael (tenor) Person Male