Artist Type Gender Rating
Andy McKee (guitarist) Person Male
Arnold “Gatemouth” Moore Person Male
Dave Hope Person Male
Dreemwich Group
George Wettling Person Male
John Ewing (jazz trombonist - do not confuse with John Ewing, Jr.) Person Male
Kansas (US prog rock band) Group
Kerry Livgren Person Male
Kristen Watson (American soprano) Person Female
Napago Person Male
Origin (Kansas metal band) Group
Protosapien Person Male
Richard Williams (guitarist of Kansas) Person Male
Stories Through Storms Group
The Iguanas (80s Kansas garage rock band) Group
The Midnight Ghost Train Group
The Morning Dew Group
The Primetime Heroes Group
Topeka Symphony Orchestra Orchestra
Unmerciful Group
Washburn University Symphony Orchestra Orchestra
Youngblood Supercult Group