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Label Type CodeBegin End Rating
3am Consult Distributor
20cm Records Original Production
A&A Records (Romanian) Original Production 1996
Agenția de vise Production
Albert Hit Factory
Anastasia Production
Ancient Beliefs
ART MEDIA ERC Production
Asiluum Arts Original Production 2007
Ask4 Records
Astra (Romanian label) Production
Atelierele de creație Original Production
Audio Crişana Production
Axa Valahã Production
Bedroomrecords09 (Romanian Tech-House) Original Production 2011
Bestial Records 1996 2007
Black Crow Music Productions Original Production
CASA / Media Services Original Production
CAT Music (Romanian label)
Code Production
Codex Gigas
Compania de Sunet Production
Curtea Veche Publishing 2011 Publisher
Dance Arena (Dance music sublabel of Roton Record Company) Imprint
Desolate Catacombs of SMERSH
East & Art Records
Edition Modern Original Production 1991
Editura Casa Radio
Electrecord (Romanian label) Original Production 1932
ERA Business
Euromusic (Cluj Napoca) Production
Evolution Records (Parent Label: Nova Music Entertainment) Publisher
Fabrica de muzică Original Production
Facem Records (romanian hip-hop label) 1999
FAN Hits & Posters (music magazine)
FIR Original Production
Folkever Original Production
Fundația culturală Phoenix Original Production
Gaap (Romanian electronic music)
Gazeta Sporturilor Publisher
Global Records (Romanian label) 2008
Gongo Music‚ Ltd. Bootleg Production
Green Records (Romanian jazz label) Production
Hades Records (Romanian label)
Humanitas Multimedia Distributor
Illuminati Original Production
Intercont Music Production
IRIMAG Publisher
Isac Production Production
Jumping Jesus Records
Jurnalul Național Publisher
Just Music (Romania) Production 1996
Kromm Studio/Amma (Romanian hip-hop label) Distributor 1995
La Strada Music Publisher
Legend Audio Production
Libris Braşov
Loud Rage Music Distributor 2013
Lupii Daciei Records
MAAN Music Studio S.R.L. Holding 2009
Macondo (Romanian Label) Publisher
Mask of the Slave
Media Nova
Media Services Production
MediaPro Music Original Production
Migas Real Company
Natural Rhythm Production
Nova Music Entertainment
NPD Music
NRG!A (Roton/music for the young generation) Publisher
Oltenia Star Music Production Rights Society 1991
Ovo Music Original Production 2003
Pacific Records (Romanian cassette label)
Patpong Records LC 03226
Phoenix Records (Romanian label) Production
Pirate Records (Same name as German "Pirate Records" but Romanian) Original Production
Promusic Production Production 1998
R.U.L. (Roton Urban Label) Publisher
Razna Music Original Production
Rebel Music (Romanian Record Label) 1993-02-03 2008
Red Cavity Records
Rocris Disc Distributor
Rocris Disc Rec.
Roton (read annotation!) Production
Roton Record Company (holding, file releases to sublabels) Holding
Scânteia (revista) Distributor
Second Harmonic Original Production 2016-01-01
Soft Records (this other "Soft Records" label is Romanian) Original Production
Star Media Music
SUB Records Original Production
Sun & Moon Records 2006
synclub sound system Publisher
Taco Music Production