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Artist Type Gender Rating
1-Q Sapro (Romanian Rapper) Person Male
3rei Sud Est Group
4Kids (Romanian group, was in JESC) Group
9.7 Richter Group
13Rituals Group
69 (Romanian band) Group
A Walk In Town (Electronic project of Roman Alfredo Romeo) Person Male
A-C Leonte (Jazz singer) Person Female
A.S.I.A. (Romania/pop) Group
Aabsynthum (Romanian Funeral Doom Metal) Group
Aarmaroth Nathrath Group
AB4 Group
Abe Schwartz Person Male
Abigail (Romanian metal band) Group
ABiS (Romanian Rock Group) Group
Academica (Romanian rock group) Group
Accent (Romania/rock) Group
Achim Nica Person Male
Activ (Romanian artist) Group
Acustic T 74 (Romanian rock group) Group
Ada Milea Person Female
Adânc Group
Ade (Andrei Popescu, Romanian trance producer) Person
Adela Popescu (Romanian singer) Person Female
Adelina Oprean Person Female
Adina Dimitriu (Romanian Folk Singer) Person Female
ADN (Romanian rock band from Craiova) Group
Adrian Berescu Person Male
Adrian Căprar Person Male
Adrian Ciceu Person Male
Adrian Copilul Minune Person Male
Adrian Enache (Romanian singer) Person Male
Adrian Enescu Person Male
Adrian Florea (Romanian producer) Person Male
Adrian Ivan Person Male
Adrian Jacotă (Romanian singer) Person Male
Adrian Păunescu Person Male
Adrian Pintea Person Male
Adrian Simionescu (Copilul Minune) Person Male
Adrian Sina Person Male
Aeternum (Romanian Folk Group) Group
Ageru Pământului Person Male
Agni (Downtempo artist Alex U. Bodochi) Person Male
Aida Sotea Person Female
Akcent Group
Akoviani (Electronic music project of Romainian composer Constantin Panā) Person Male
Alb Negru (Romanian group) Group
Ale Blake Person Female
Alex Mihulin Person Male
Alex Perin Person Male
Alex Simu Person
Alex Stefanescu Person Male
Alex The Master Person Male
Alex U. Bodochi (Romanian electronic music artist) Person Male
Alex Velea Person Male
Alex-Robert Kovacs Person Male
Alexa (Romanian singer) Person Female
Alexa Sigheartau Person Female
Alexander Bălănescu Person Male
Alexander Symphony Orchestra (74-piece orchestra from Romania) Orchestra
Alexandra Coman Person Female
Alexandra Dariescu Person Female
Alexandra Irina Mihai (Romanian singer) Person Female
Alexandra Silocea Person Female
Alexandra Stan Person Female
Alexandra Ungureanu (Romanian singer) Person Female
Alexandru Cercel Person Male
Alexandru Dan Person Male
Alexandru Flechtenmacher Person Male
Alexandru Florea Person Male
Alexandru Hera Person Male
Alexandru Ioniță Person Male
Alexandru Lascae Person Male
Alexandru Macedonski Person Male
Alexandru Pascanu Person Male
Alexandru Tomescu Person Male
Alexia Urtoi Person Female
Alfred Alessandrescu (Romanian composer and pianist) Person Male
Alice Ionescu (Romanian artist) Person Female
Alien Pimp Person
Alin Drimuș Person Male
Alina (Romanian singer from Bucharest. Perform "When You Leave") Person Female
Alina Eremia Person Female
Alina Sorescu (Romanian singer) Person Female
Alone in the Hollow Garden Group
Alpha (Romanian group) Group
Altar (Romanian metal) Group
Alternativ Quartet Group
AltF4 (Rock Band) Group
Amadeus (Romanian electric string quartet) Group
AMI (Romanian pop & dance singer Andreea Ioana Moldovan) Person Female
Amicii (Romanian rock group) Group
Ana Blandiana (Romanian poet) Person Female
Ana Giurgiu-Bondue (composer/pianist) Person Female
Ana Mladinovici Person Female
Ana Török (violinist) Person Female
Ana-Maria Avram Person Female
Anastasia Lazariuc (romanian singer) Person Female