part of: Alameda County, California, United States
held events: Bridge II (1988-12-04)
recording location for: Chest Pain Lament by Excentrik with Al-Iqaa
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum by Harry "Mac" McClintock (1928-03-31)
Home at Last by The Dave Brubeck Quartet (1957-02-04)
I See Your Face Before Me by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
I'm Old Fashioned by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
Imagination by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
In Search of a Theme by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
Indian Summer by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
Love Is Here to Stay by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
Sweet Cleo Brown by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
They Say It's Wonderful by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To by Dave Brubeck (1957-02-08)
Born in the Country by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Broken Heart by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Hen House Blues by K.C. Douglas (1961)
K.C.'s Doctor Blues by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Love Me All Night Long by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Meanest Woman by K.C. Douglas (1961)
No More Crying by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Rootin' Ground Hog by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Tell Me by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Wake Up, Workin' Woman by K.C. Douglas (1961)
Watch Dog Blues by K.C. Douglas (1961)
You Got a Good Thing Now by K.C. Douglas (1961)
recording location for: Circuitous by Afrikan Sciences (2012 – 2014)
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