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Artist Type Gender Rating
_steiner Person Male
-XXX- (Belgian punk band) Group
.calibre (Belgian nu-metal / hardcore band) Group
''H'' Septet (Pirly Zurstrassen's "H" jazz Septet) Group
't Kliekske (Belgian folk) Group
't Mouvement Big Band (Belgian big band) Group
’t Hof van Commerce (Belgian hip-hop group) Group
’t Klein Muziekstje (Belgian) Group
’tVettig Front (Belgian punk band) Group
"3" (Belgian) Group
“Fats” Sadi (Belgian vibraphonist aka Sadi Lallemand) Person Male
(BUB) (Belgian folk music group) Group
(run) SOFA (Belgian rock band) Group
['aisikl] Group
[P.U.T] (Brussels-based Industrial Sludge Punk Noise band) Group
[sic] (Belgian instrumental band) Group
[SIC] (Belgian saxophone group) Group
[TULSK]i (Belgian) Group
&Apos (Belgian electronic music project) Person
+More (Belgian) Group
¥Π¥ Group
1 200 000 Dead Tibetans Group
2 Belgen Group
2 Body's Group
2 Fabiola (Belgian dance/pop with Pat Krimson) Group
2 Fatties and the Bloody Beerbois Group
2 Horns Group
2 Many DJ’s Group
2 Takt Group
2 Times Nothing (Belgian electronic jazz group) Group
2,3 Go (Belgian)
2Bill (Belgian)
2Empress (Belgian female DJ duo) Group
2nd Civilization (Belgian dark wave band) Group
2nd Section Group
2SpacedOut (Xavier Rosseel) Person Male
3 Angry Poles (Belgian 1980s EBM project with Luc Van Acker) Group
3 Cool Cats (Belgian) Group
3 Seconds of Air (Belgian ambient/postrock with Dirk Serries) Group
3/4 Peace (Belgian experimental jazz group) Group
3M8S (Belgian boyband) Group
3Men in a Boat (Belgian jazz trio) Group
4 Graphic
4 Times A Lady (Belgian)
4AM Program (Belgian punkrock band) Group
5th Ball Gang Group
6 Days of Justice Group
15 Minute Powernap (Belgian punkrock) Group
20 Years of GMM Group
23 Acez (Belgian metal band) Group
30,000 Monkies (Belgian noiserock) Group
32CRASH (Belgian electropunk trio) Group
40 Winks (Belgian instrumental hip-hop duo) Group
42 Hours (Belgian)
50 Tinten Brijs (Belgian) Group
61 Minds (Belgian) Group
64-Feet (Belgian organ duo) Group
74 Miles Away Group
101 (Belgian electro project, not to be confused with One O One Electric Dream) Group
110M² (Belgian) Group
164 Speedpunk (Belgian) Group
458 (Belgian punkrock) Group
649 (Belgian) Group
801 KD Concept (Belgian) Group
808SNKRHDZ (Belgian)
1000 Ohm (Belgian 1980s synthpop band) Group
1060 (Band from Brussels, Belgium) Group
1551 (Belgian)
1600 (LNK & Vinkel) Group
2000monkeys (Belgian project of Tom Pintens) Group
2000Wat (Belgian hiphop group) Group
A Beatband (Predecessor to Moondog Jr / Zita Swoon) Group
A Blaze Colour Group
A Brand Group
A Butterfly Mind (Belgian pop/singersongwriter duo) Group
A Clean Kitchen Is a Happy Kitchen (Belgian experimantal/improv group) Group
A consommer de préférence Group
A Den of Robbers Group
A Fish Called Louis (Belgian group) Group
A Fragile Spell (Belgian) Group
A Group (Belgian) Group
A Hero Build (Belgian melodic punk band) Group
A Horse, a Bucket and a Spoon Group
A La Rum (Belgian folk band, Rum-spinoff) Group
A Murder In Missisippi (Belgian) Group
A Noh Rodeo (Belgian band, 80ties) Group
A Peerless Experience (Belgian)
A Point Of Protest (Belgian melodic hardcore band) Group
A Reminiscent Drive Person Male
A Singer of Songs (Lieven Scheerlinck, Spain) Person Male
A Slice Of Life (Belgian postpunk band) Group
A Split-Second Group
A Strength Within (Belgian hardcore band) Group
A Thousand Sufferings (Belgian doom metal) Group
A Trail Of Horror (Belgian) Group
A Week In Doggerland (Belgian)
A Year From Now (Belgian emocore band) Group
A-juin (Belgian)
à;GRUMH... (Belgian 80ties band) Group
A. Brehme (Belgian electronic music producer & dj) Person Male