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Artist Type Gender Rating
[anonymous] (Special Purpose Artist) Other
[theatre] (Special Purpose Artist - Do not add releases here, if possible.) Other
[unknown] (Special Purpose Artist - Do not add releases here, if possible.) Other
/Gamergate/ sings Group
/v/ (4chan collaborations behind /v/ The Musical series) Group
1NTT Group
13 & God Group
2000 DS Group
A Portrait Of Flesh And Blood Group
ÄÄNIPÄÄ (Stephen O’Malley & Mika Vainio) Group
Accordion Tribe Group
ActionAid (International Non-Profit Organisation) Other Other
Aina (Metal Opera) Group
aithein Other Other
Ajay Mathur Person Male
Altermalice Group
AN21 & Max Vangeli Group
Ange Kim Person Female
Animusic (Computer Animated Music) Group
Anonymous (activist group) Group
Anonymous Era Group
Anoushka Shankar Person Female
Apple Inc. Group
Asagraum Group
Astral Monolith Group
Astral Woods Group
Asymmetry (black metal) Group
Audionerve Group
Bajah + The Dry Eye Crew Group
Baka Beyond Group
Beati Sounds Person Male
Between (Corey Fuller, Tomoyoshi Date (Illuha), Simon Scott, Marcus Fischer, and Taylor Deupree) Group
Beyond The Dawn Group
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration Group
Blindnote Group
Blue Pearl Group
Boyd Rice and Friends Group
Brave Old World Group
Celebrity Kill (International grindcore collab) Group
Celtic Fiddle Festival Group
Chaos Magic Group
Chögyam Trungpa (Tibetan abbot who taught Tibetan Buddhism in Western countries) Person Male
chthonic cult Group
Church of the Helix Choir Choir
Clorox Bong (experimental grind) Group
Colorbred Group
Combinations (Psychedelic trance) Group
Coprocephalic (United States/ Taipei brutal death metal) Group
Culted Group
Cut & Shuffle (International Recording Artist • Music Producer • Turntablist • Performer • Musician) Person Male
Cynical Existence (EBM) Group
Damalistik Person Male
Death Pact International Group
Deathstorm (breakcore/grindcore collaboration of Bong-Ra and Maruosa) Group
Deleyaman Group
Delusional Parasitosis (United States/ German brutal death metal) Group
DJ Akoza Person Male
Dominik Brendan Person Male
Donor / Truss Group
DopE Person Male
Dream Recall Group
Dylan Söderström Person Male
Edolir Hajdini Person Male
Elmer Fudd (Looney Tunes character) Character Male
Empusa Group
Envelopes Group
Eschaton (Ancient Methods & Orphx) Group
Esprit Dérangé Group
Eumeria Group
Exotic Club (Dark Dance/Post house duo) Group
Faures Group
FB[FoRce] Group
Feral & Stray (Erin Lang) Group
Fire to the Stars Group
Flying Testicle (noise supergroup) Group
Folkearth Group
Folkodia Group
Forever in Combat Group
Forlorn Winds Group
Frank Gossner Person Male
Fröstskög Group
Futant Person Male
Gama (Brazil born artist (also spelled Gam̈a͇)) Person Other
Game Theory Group
Gen Rosso ("International Performing Arts Group" based in Italy) Group
Gen Verde Group
Glowing Flame Group
Goatvargr Group
Goran Bregović Person Male
Great Waitress Group
Halberd Group
Handbraekes Group
Harvey Sachs Person Male
Head Control System Group
Heliophagia Group
Helix Symphony Group
Hellkvlt Mexica Group
Helmut Newton Person Male
Helping Haiti Group
Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble Group