Artist Type Gender Rating
~ Oliver Person
5 Seconds of Summer Group
100 Years of Solitude Group
990x Person Male
A Broken Silence (band from Australia) Group
A Gold Star Secret Group
Above, Below Group
Absent Friends (Sydney, Australia band) Group
AC/DC (Australian hard rock band) Group
Acaddamy Person Male
Adam Chapman (Sound Engineer) Person Male
Adam Simek Person Male
Adele & Glenn Group
Adrian Brand Person Male
Adrift for Days Group
adub (Vocalist and Guitarist of ZEROZEROZERO) Person Male
Aela Kae (Producer & vocalist Mikaela Grob from Sydney, Australia) Person Female
Age of Menace (metal band from Sydney, Australia) Group
Air (70s psyche-folk band from Sydney) Group
AkumajoBelmont Person Male
Alan John Person Male
Alan Morris (Australian advertiser) Person Male
Alana-Lee Person Female
Albatross (Australian rock band) Group
Albert Music
Alberto Remedios (opera singer) Person Male
Alex Hirlian (Drummer – Sydney, NSW, Australia) Person Male
Alex Lloyd (Australian singer-songwriter) Person Male
Alexander Briger (conductor) Person Male
Alexandra Amelia Ward Person Female
Alfred Hill Person Male
Alice Terry Person Female
Alison Bauld Person Female
Alison Wonderland Person Female
Alister Spence Trio with Ed Kuepper Group
Allan Chard Person Male
Allan Smithy Person Male
Altar Ego Group
Althea Bridges (soprano) Person Female
Amanda Harrison Person Female
Amelia Arsenic (former member of Angelspit) Person Female
AMPRESI Person Male
Amy Dickson Person Female
Amy Meredith Group
Andrew Dickeson Male
Andrew James Boon Person Male
Andrew O'Keefe Person Male
Andrew Whale (Australia) Person Male
Andy Clockwise Person Male
Andy Morris Person Male
Angel Louis Amado (MC from Sydney, Australia. Passed away 2008.) Person Male
Angelspit Group
Angie (Angela Garrick) Person Female
Angus & Julia Stone Group
Angus Stone Person Male
Animistix Group
Ann Carr-Boyd (Australian classical composer) Person Female
Anna Fraser (soprano) Person Female
Anna Lunoe Person Female
Annabelle Chaffey Person Female
Annaïs Paris Person
Anne Boyd Person Female
Anne‐Louse Falson Person Female
Anthony Boyer Person Male
Anthony Field (member of The Wiggles) Person Male
Anthony Maydwell (harpist / musicologist / choir director) Person Male
Anthony Rodrigues (The Consouls) Person Male
Antonia & The Lazy Susans Group
APOLLO 64 (vaporwave) Person
AR-12 Group
AR12 Group
Arithmatix! (Producer from Australia) Person Male
Arrowhead (Australian stoner rock band) Group
Arteries Group
Arthur Benjamin (Australian composer / pianist / conductor) Person Male
Arthur Young (jazz arranger/composer) Person Male
Asher Wolfson Person Male
Ashera (Australian ambient producer Anthony Asher Wright) Person Male
Astrid Bowler Person Female
Atlas Bound Group
atOlla Group
Atticus (Sydney rock band) Group
Australia (techno group) Group
AVER Group
Avian Terror Group
Azoth (Australian black metal band) Group
AzureHedgehog Person Male
B Wise (Australian rapper) Person Male
Baby Animals Group
Baby Machine (female punk rock band from Australia) Group
Bad Blood (Australian hardcore) Group
Bad Valley Group
Bag Raiders Group
Baggsmen Group
Bain Wolfkind Person Male
Baltimore (Australian punk/hardcore) Group
Bandanna Group
Barbara Woof Person Female
BARCHboi (Australian composer and gamemaker) Person Male