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Label Type CodeBegin End Rating
3er Piso Records Original Production
Abstract Mechanisms
Acidmaniacs Records (psytrance label) Original Production
Acimut Records Production
Advanced Synergy
Ala Jazz Records Original Production
Alarma Records (mexican goregrind)
All Bone Original Production
ALLO Producciones
Alman Music
Ambox Original Production
American Line Productions
AMG Music (Mexican label)
Ams Records
Apuruami Records (Psychedelic trance label from Mexico)
Aquo Rec Records 2008
Argenta Records Original Production
Ars Sigillum Manifesto (Mexican record label) Production
Arteria Records Production
Arts & Crafts México
arvato (México)
Asenath Records Original Production 1999
Asociacion Del Rock Progresivo Original Production
AT-AT Records
AVA Records México Production
AVA Records México S.A. de C.V. (not for release label)
Avanzada Metálica Production
Azafrán Media
Azermedoth Original Production
B22 - Hfse
Babilonia Music, S.A. de C.V. (not for release label use! MX-based copyrights holders)
Bad Pop Original Production
Balboa Records Co. de Mexico Distributor
Bellphegot Records Production [unknown]
Bertelsmann de México, S.A. de C.V.
Biomechanix Records (Psychedelic trance label from Mexico)
Bit Records Mexico
Blackcrowned Records 2011
BMG Entertainment Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (do not use this as a release label!) Holding [unknown]
Box Records SA de CV Production
Breathe Original Production
Brutal Panzer Assault 2014-11-04
Bunker Producciones Production
Caligo Arcanum Productions 2012
Cancun Records Publisher 2010
Canzion Producciones Production
Capitán Pimienta Records
Carpe Noctem Records (Mexican Celtic / Gothic / Metal label)
Casete Distributor
Cast Studio Original Production 1994
CBS/Columbia Internacional, S.A. De C.V. 1988
Chac-mail (Mexican label) Original Production
Chaos/HyperMusic Distributor 2007-08
Chapultepec Original Production
CONACULTA Original Production
Concreto Records
Coro (Discos Coro)
Craneo Negro Records
Cream Couture Records Original Production
Cuerpo Records
Culebra (heavy rock and alternative music label in Spanish language, launched 1992 in MX by BMG) Imprint 1992 [unknown]
Culebra (MX sublabel of Sony Music, promoting rock in spanish)
Cyan Recs Original Production 2005 2008
D Disa Latin Music, S. de R.L. de C.V. (do not use as a release label! for copyrights/manufacturer use only) Holding
DaFuture Production 2013-09
Dahmer Productions
Dark Recollections Productions
Dark Side (Mexican label) Production
Dave Duran Company Holding 2017-12-03
Death Cult Records
Del Norte (Label from Mexico) Original Production
Delhotel Records
Diablito Records Original Production
Diabolus Productions Production
Dictatorship Records Publisher
Disa Records (Mexican label) Original Production
Discos Cabaret
Discos Cisne-Raff (Mexican independent label.)
Discos Columbia de México, S.A. (not for release label use!) 1947 [unknown]
Discos Continental (México) Distributor
Discos Cuchillo Publisher
Discos Gas (Mexican label started 1971) 1971
Discos Intolerancia
Discos Larga Vida
Discos Musart Original Production
Discos Pax
Discos Pueblo
Discos Raya-2
Discos Rex Original Production
Discos Tormento 2007
Discos Transa
Discos Valiente (Mexican label) Imprint
Discos y Cintas Denver Original Production
Discos y Cintas Melody Publisher
Discovery Records S.A. de C.V. Production
Diskus Fonografika Mexicana Original Production
Distorted Harmony Original Production
Diva Music Group
Dragora Grupo Comercial, S.A. de C.V. Original Production