Artist Type Gender Rating
3B Assylum Group
Aaron Joseph Aguilar Person Male
Active Ingrediants (Punk band from Bakersfield, CA) Group
Alvadean Coker Person Female
Annette Funicello Person Female
Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra Orchestra
Big Bibba Group
Bob Relf Person Male
Bobby Garrett (soul/rnb vocalist) Person Male
Buck Owens Person Male
Carolina Cotton Person Female
Charles Brady (trumpetist) Person Male
Charles Manson Person Male
Chocolate Tunnel Group
Crawdaddy Group
Ethan Lackey Person Male
Fawns of Love Group
Information Paradox Group
Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet Group
Isabelle Yalkovsky (classical pianist) Person Female
Johnny Retsched and the Fabulous Martini Brothers Group
Jonathan Davis (vocalist for Korn) Person Male
Kama Ruby (American jazz vocalist/actress/dancer) Person Female
Kelli Garner Person Female
Ken and the Fourth Dimension Group
King Perry Person Male
Korn Group
Kris Troutman ( user) Person
Lamb Gaede Person Female
Lawrence Tibbett Person Male
Lil Yung Pepé Person Male
Lonely Avenue Group
Lonnie Wilson (Singer & Upright Bass player from Bakersfield, California, USA) Person Male
Lynx Gaede Person Female
Maldición ("black metal" band) Group
Mark Chavez Person Male
Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder Artist) Person Male
Natalie Hart Person Female
Nocturnal Blather Person Male
oriJanus Person Male
Patrick R. Golden Person Male
Red Simpson Person Male
Richard Robinson (Tenor) Person Male
Ronnie Cook Person Male
Switchboard of Souls (synthpop)
Terra Alive Group
The Avengers (60's garage band from Bakersfield, California) Group
The Buddhas Group
The Pine Group
The Regents ('60s pysch group from Bakersfield, CA) Group
Whiskey Galore Group
Young Blacc (Rapper/Producer, Bakersfield CA) Person Male