Label Type CodeBegin End Rating
300 Producciones Production
Argie Pop Records Publisher 2015-01
Artismo S.R.L. Publisher
ATMC RECORDS Original Production 2006-01-28
AYA Records Imprint 2016-04-12
Babex Records (Argentinian record label.) Original Production
Bassics Records Imprint 2015-01
Betanol Records (house/techno net-label) Original Production
Blackstar3 (Argentinian label) Production
Booking Management S.A. Holding 1997
Catarata Records Original Production 2014-02
Catuss Records
chorreo records 1995
Coche Bomba Records Production 2012-06
Come Ruido Records
Consentido Música Production
Cosentino Original Production
Dengue Dancing Records
Digital Sound Video Original Production
Discos DG Original Production
DKE Records (Dunning Kruger Effect Records) Production 2002-01-01
E.M.S.S.A. Argentina Holding 1996
E.P.S.A. Electrical Products S.A. (CD manufacturer) Production
Ediciones Musicales CMD Publisher
Editorial Lagos Publisher
Electrosonora Manufacturas Saavedra S.A. Distributor 1996
EMI Melograf S.A. Publisher
Estudio Urbano
Exiles Records Distributor
Fadein Records Distributor 2014-08-30
Fax Records (Argentinian netlabel) Original Production
Fértil Discos
Fonovisa Argentina S.A. Original Production
Fuga Discos Original Production 1994
FYN S.A. Holding
Interdisc (Argentina) Original Production
Interdisc S.A. (company behind the Argentinean Interdisc label) Holding
La Batuta de B.A. S.A. Original Production Publisher 2010-09-10
Lebendiger/Omsa SRL Publisher
Los Años Luz Discos Original Production LC 02654 1999
Lucifer Discos Production
MindTrip Music Distributor
Most Peculiar Records Original Production 2004-04-04
Om: discos
Oui Oui Records Publisher
Pelo Music S.A. Holding
PencilBoy Records Original Production 2014
Psicstudios Producciones Original Production
Publitrack S.R.L. Publisher 2001-01-17
Quelonio Records Production 2011-05-19
Rata Music S.A. Publisher
Rata Records Holding
RCA Limited (Sucursal Argentina) Manufacturer [unknown]
S-Music S.A. Holding
Secsy Music Production
Sicamericana S.A.C.I.F.I. (Argentinian record company, owner of Music Hall and Sazam Records labels.) Distributor [unknown]
SM Publishing Argentina S.R.L. Publisher
Sólo le Pido a Dior
South American Sludge Records Production
SPE (Speed Power Emotion) ((Argentine)) Publisher
Sufex S.A. Distributor 1992-05-18
TDR Entertainment 2014
Tomalo o Dejalo Discos Publisher
TZKATZ Ediciones Distributor
Umbral Imprint 1980 1986
Umbral Discos y Cintas (copyright credits only, for the label use Umbral) Holding 1980
URL Records Original Production 1999 [unknown]
Warner Music Argentina S.A. Holding
Zann's Music Production 2006
ZZK Records Original Production 2008