Artist Type Gender Rating
Abigail Kay Person Female
Cannon Fodder (britpop) Group
Charlie Hughes (Pop / Folk / Vintage) Person Male
Charlotte Durham Person Female
Cress Group
Damon Minchella Person Male
Georgie Fame Person Male
Good Vibe Counterfeit Group
Greg Ellis (English actor, early career in musical theatre) Person Male
Jaleel (Wigan, UK based producer, singer and songwriter) Person Male
James Walsh (from Starsailor) Person Male
Jo Jaleel Person Male
Leon Parr (Drummer of Steve Rothery Band) Person Male
Logan Stryx Person Male
M. Keeley (writing credit on Shandyland by Tansads) Person
Merry Hell Group
Pixey (Singer-songwriter from north west of England) Person Female
Reason to Lie Group
Sir Ernest Bullock Person Male
T.E. Yates (British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist) Person Male
The Atomic Hound Dog Group
The Insane (UK punk band) Group
The Shalala Vines Group
Torkington Person Male
Virginia Kettle Person Female
William Halliwell Person Male