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Label Type CodeBegin End Rating
:Vegvisir music:
.phonographiq 2012
2-й этаж Records
2.99 Original Production
2+2=5 (Russian alternative) Original Production
7.1.6/ Label Original Production
7Hz records Original Production 2010
13breakz Original Production
38.8 Original Production
2000 FruitGum (Bootleg label, most possibly from Russia) Bootleg Production LC 29037
A-One Records Original Production 2007
A.L. Records Bootleg Production
AANB (Russian label)
Abgurd Original Production
Abgurd Subdivision Original Production
Accessory Takes Original Production 2008-05-29
Achtung Baby! Production
ACID POP Recordings Original Production 2014
Acidsamovar Records Original Production
ACN Music (Russian label) Original Production 2001-01-01
Act Of Sodomy
ADA Sound Ltd. Bootleg Production
Aesthetics of Devastation 2013-05-31
AGAT Company Ltd. Bootleg Production
Agency Gold Pro Production
AI Records (Aleksandr Ivanov)
Air Fish Records Distributor
Air Mail Archive (Unoffical releases pretending to be on the Air Mail Archive label) Bootleg Production
Alba Records (Russian pirate(?) label)
Alcinous (Russian bootleg label) Bootleg Production
ALF Produkt Production
Algorythmik Original Production
Alien Records (Russian Label)
All Stars Music Ltd. (Bootleg operation producing high quality compilations with art) Bootleg Production
Allergy Records
Alley P.M.
Alone at Last 2012-03
Alpha & Omega Records (Russian bootleg reissue of the real Alpha & Omega Records) Bootleg Production
Anapaboyz Publisher 2014-05-01
Andrew Records Bootleg Production
Angel’s of Hell Records Bootleg Production [unknown]
Anima Vox
animata records Original Production 2015-11-01
Anomaly Music
Anopsys Records Original Production
Anthill Records (Russian experimental electronic music net-label)
Apex Records (Russian label active in 1990s) Reissue Production 1994 1996
Apocalypse Now!!! Music Original Production
Aprelevka Sound Production Production
Aquarellist Production
Archer Music Production
ARK Records (russian)
Arlekina Records Bootleg Production
Arma Diaboli Productions 2005 2014
Armour Get Dawn Productions
ArsNova Bootleg Production 1999 2001
Art Music Group (Russian) Holding 1999
Art of Anticreation
Art Vision Publisher 2012
Art-Tek Original Production
Artificial Sun (Russian industrial label) Original Production 2012
Aspherical Asphyxia 2007
Assault (Russian Label)
Association Heroes Temporis for Autistic Children Bootleg Production
Astra (Russian pirate label)
AT Music (Russian label)
Atomic Carnage Original Production 2009-06
Audgard (Аудгард) Publisher 2009-05-01
Audio Boutique (Russian Drum & Bass label started by DJ Art) Distributor 2007-04-30
Aural Network
Aventuél (Downtempo/Easy Listening/Trance netlabel from russia) Original Production 2008
AVK Продакшн Original Production
Backfire Рroductions Production 2006
Bad B. International
BAd TaStE (Russian independent label) Original Production
BadMoodMan Music 2006
Balalayka Records (Russian Label) Production
Barricade 2011-03-01
Bekar Records Production
Bestoloch Studio Distributor
Between Us
BioSonar^EleKtro Original Production
Birds Fabric Original Production
Black Division
Black Hell Productions
Black Raven's Blood Productions 2012
Black Rubber Stub Production
Black Side
Black Temple Production
Blacksmith Productions (Russian label) Production 1995
BlazeBirth Hall
BleepLove 2010