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Artist Type Gender Rating
:::::KObU Person Male
.excyd Person
.nyctalops. Person Male
«Буддист» Person Male
[ Sin.thetic Squad ] Group
[F.R.O.S.T.] (Russian Alternative Band) Group
[N.K.72] Person Male
[NesCreator] Group
[sv] (electro)
[SwoM] (Russian nu-metal/rapcore) Group
[корпорация жёлтый асфальт] Group
[ШТУRМ] Group
@LeXi$ Person Male
#dropsydies Group
±sweets: buy & suck» Group
|De:Source| (Russian dark electro/ aggrotech band) Group
~▲†▲~ (Veins / xwxwxwxwv)
1Touch Person Male
2 Avocados Group
2Gross Group
2K (Russia) Group
2muchachos Group
2trancY Group
2ва самолёта Group
4 Seas (trance) Person Male
4eu3 Person Male
4GKZ Group
4Luv Person Male
4POST Group
4пыль Person Male
5 Углов Group
5sta Family (aka «5ivesta Family») Group
5Плюх Person Male
7 H.Target Group
7he Myriads Group
7Teen Group
9 Грамм Person Male
9-й район Group
10Stage (Trance duo Dmitry Strochenko & Denis Karpinsky) Group
19VIII4 (Sasha Karachinsky) Person Male
23:45 (Russian pop group) Group
25/17 Group
32 & Friends (Russian metal)
40УКВ Group
43ai Person Male
69 (aka aGreat69) Person Male
104 Person Male
130 по встречной на старенькой Vespa Group
386 DX Person Male
417.3 Group
604V Group
777minus111 Person Male
813 (Russian producer) Person Male
3110 (russian nu-metal band) Group
7000$ Group
6000000000себя Group
A-Dessa (С.Костюшкин из "Чай Вдвоем") Person Male
A-Morality Group
A-Rookie Person Male
A. Ilyin (russian conductor) Person
A. Uvarov (Noise\Experimental from Russia) Person Male
A.C.O.V.S.U.R. (Russian Grinding Deathcore Band) Group
A.Zhukoff Person
A.オブラツォフ Person Male
A5 (Russian producer)
Aaron Sten Person Male
Aazazel (Psychedelic trance artist) Person Male
Abigorum Group
Abnormal (Russian Death Metal) Group
Abnormal Project (Psychedelic trance artist) Person Male
Abnormity (Russian brutal death metal) Group
Abominable Putridity Group
Abortarium Group
Aborted Fetus Group
Above the Earth Group
Absent One Group
Absenth Group
Absidia (Russian Black Metal) Group
Abstemious Person Female
Abstracode Group
Abstract Spirit Group
Absurd (Russian Drum & Bass producer) Person Male
Absurd Thule
Abutor Ensis Group
Abyss (Russian metal group) Group
Abysskvlt (Funeral Doom Metal) Group
Abyssphere (metal) Group
Academy of Choral Arts Choir (Moscow) Choir
Accursed Group
Accursed Christ Group
Achilles Alferaki Person Male
Acidkit (Downtempo artist) Person Male
ACM (Russian musician) Person Male
Acos CoolKAs Group