~ Subdivision in Lombardia, Italy


Artist Type Gender Rating
Bosca (Italian hip hop producer) Person Male
Bruno Belissimo Person Male
Catharsis (Italian experimental improvisation POP band) Group
For Sore Eyes Group
Foreign Dubbers (Drum & Mixer Dub Band) Group
Giorgio Presti Person Male
HÅN (Italian dream pop band) Group
La Mamoynia Group
Lakeside Amusement Park Group
Manola (IT eurohouse singer Manola Savoldi) Person Female
Manthra Dei Group
Newdress (Italian rock band) Group
Pietro Berselli Person Male
Riexhumation Group
Road To Zion (Electro Dub) Group
Son of Noise (Italian industrial rock band) Group
Synaptic Memories (Andrea Del Boni & Lorenzo Arcari, darkcore) Group